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The best thing about your business (and the worst)

RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
I didn`t know which category to post this in, so "Running Your Business" was my best guess.
My questions are simple, but the answers may require some thought...
Here goes:
"What`s the best thing about your business?";  and...
"What`s the worst thing about your business?"
For me, the best thing is seeing people find value in the service StartupNation provides - to see the "crazy idea" morphing into a viable reality.
The worst thing is having to do things methodically - there are way too many great ideas we have and, still, they just have to wait on a list due to priorities and limited resources... it`s really frustrating. Man! Patience really is a virtue in this game!
And you?


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    MelissaMelissa subscriber Posts: 7
    The best thing about my business is being able to help others to have a wedding day that they`ll long remember in a good way and that will leave them with no regrets...and I also really love that my services extend beyond the wedding day to give them a good start on their marriage instead of just sending them off in their getaway car to fend for themselves.
    The worst part is similar to your worst thing, Rich.  There are so many things I want/need to do, but there`s only one of me and I have to allocate my time approrpriately.   
    You`re not kidding about patience being a virtue... 
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    ValienValien subscriber Posts: 7
    Best? Love the challenge. The ability to daily influence my business and see decisions take effect and grow.Worse? Well, always feeling like your giving, giving, giving and your employees don`t care worth squat. They just want, want, want. Sometimes I feel like firing everyone and starting over.(bad monday today. hehe).
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    jenqjenq subscriber Posts: 2
    This is my maiden post. I now see the signature that I need to add after I post this.
    The best thing about my business is that the education can help anyone`s personal or business finances dramatically.
    The worst thing is that typically only the wealthy understand and are open to the information, not the people who are struggling that I would really love to help.
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    sarahleighmsarahleighm subscriber Posts: 3
    I would have to say that the best thing is my ability to now work
    around my 3 teenage boys various schedules , work to my own
    timetable. Choosing what products to sell on my website that
    aren`t being sold in the local stores.

    The worst thing I have to agree with Chris is, my house is also a
    mess, but I know where everything is even if it looks chaotic!
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    tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    Wow great question!
    For me the worst this is that I did not know about you all before I bought the business, I have now found out that (the old owner carried the papers), I paid about 31k to much, the term is not long enough, but the interest rate is good.  So currently, it is 8:55pm Thurdsay evening Aug 31st and I have been got to work Sunday night at 10:30pm.  So in order to make things work I have to spend a lot of time here. 
    The best thing is that I did not know veery much about the business of detailing cars when I bought the business, (I could not even pretend to detail a car back then) and today, I can do most of it so I have learned alot.  Also, the knowledge about business that I have gained from owning this company has allowed me to take on another business that I now run for a friend that was hurt, (it looks like it will be full time from now on too),  gave me the curage to start a with a MLM company (Xango), my wife has her own Mary K business, works for 911 and we have a 4 and 6 year old that we have in priavte scholl.  (my 4 year old can read) so it has allowed me to do a lot too!
    But it is still alot of work
    Thanks for asking the question, it is a great one!
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