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Getting Something Made; Contract Manufacturing

RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
For those of you who`ve already hung the "Open for Business" sign and are operating your businesses, you may have forgotten how mysterious, intimidating and confusing starting up a business can be. And it seems especially difficult for newbies to figure out how to get something made - whatever their product might be.
It`s one of the most commonly asked questions on our radio show: "Where can I find a manufacturer?" One entrepreneur wants to have athletic shoes made. Another wants to have a new type of enclosure made. And the list goes on...
What they`re looking for is a "contract manufacturer" -- companies that make products for people according to the customer` specifications and a purchase order. They`re located all over the U.S. as well as in low cost-of-labor hotspots around the world.
I`d like to draw upon those of you who have already made a go of a business and have had your products made for any great resources you know of to help people locate great contract manufacturing.
One resource we refer people to is The Thomas Register, which lists makers of all kinds of components and products. But contract manufacturing often requires custom work, specific tooling, etc.
Do any of you know any good reps for contract manufacturers? Rich2006-4-5 8:46:50


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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    awesome stuff! just got my auto-notification and BLAM! here`s turnkey advice.
    thanks, mj!
    so, in the most basic way, where does someone go to find their contract manufacturer? is there a clearinghouse of leads for something like this? 
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    AronAron subscriber Posts: 3
    For those who need consumer packaged goods manufactured in Southern California I would recommend my co-packer Pacifica Foods (Corona, CA). They are a smaller co-packer who really go the extra mile for start-ups. It`s the little things they do that help us with each of our runs. Providing temporary storage (free of charge), connecting us with great raw material providers, and a willingness to answer as many questions as we can throw at them.
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    An old friend is the principal of a company that has been working in China and Taiwan since the early 80s. Worked with him on several projects. Has an office on both countries - maybe moreby now. Great guy to work with. Chris Davis is his name. Does a lot in apparel and has been overseas for so long, he has the "in" with many factories and the personal contacts, too. MJ above appears to have the right experience and knowledge as well.
    ACI International 2018 East Prairie Circle, Olathe, KS 66062 (913) 768-0888
    Great Thread!
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    AronAron subscriber Posts: 3
    Follow-up to my previous post.I think what makes our contract manufacturer so good is their clientele as a whole. About 70% of their business is small business work. This is great for us because they are used to getting start-up questions. For almost everything we ask they have solved some time in the past. Nothing helps you sleep better than having a competent business partner. 
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    scrappyscrappy subscriber Posts: 8
    what a great thread!  I have researched and researched for a particular hinge and have found nothing!!! I`ve tried researching companies that offer to make this hinge and tried emailing them with a description of what I was looking for and rec`d no comments back... One thing I was told but have not tried is to go to a college and speak with the head of the engineering group to see if they could do a class project to make this hinge.  The problem is, if they make the hinge, then where to go next?? and, is it necessary to have to by a container load of hinges?  They truely make it hard for the `small` companies.  Any suggestions?
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    SayedahSayedah subscriber Posts: 0

    Hello Everyone,

    I am just starting out and thought myself very lucky to have found a local company in California with people on the ground in China. Unfortunately, eighteen months later I have instead ended up with a company that seems to not keep to schedules or costs for prototype work. Add to this the fact that I had already lined up appointments with retail buyers, only to cancel them because the prototypes were not here as promised and are now over due by twelve weeks. This company wants me to pay them $3600 for provisional patent work (which I refused to use because it was horribly written) and consulting but I haven't seen anything.
    Is this standard in the industry? Is it reasonable? They did do some consulting but by no means was it worth $3600. We do not have any type of contract in place. Can someone recommend sites or templates for a standard agreement.
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    georgewilsongeorgewilson subscriber Posts: 0
    That's Great. MJ has provide such good knowledge regarding contract manufacturer . I was just wanted to know from some experienced person and i just got this forum and found it good.
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    KennyschwimmerKennyschwimmer subscriber Posts: 0
    To add to the list of business portals I would like to recommend my website www.toboc.com
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