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Community website - please tell me what you think.

RenfieldRenfield subscriber Posts: 2
edited June 2009 in Website Critique
I opened this site almost 8 years ago and it`s up and down.  In the last year I finally thought I should actually try to make some money from it and I`ve fluctuated between $5 - $10/day and several hundred a day from ads.  I`ve never actually advertised the site myself, just relied on word of mouth and my goth name generator to bring people in.  I came here looking for advise and possible partners as I`m pretty much doing everything myself.
That`s the forum and home of the site.
Here`s where I get my traffic:http://www.deadname.com
And here`s my incomplete soon to be home page:http://www.necroticobsession.com/joomlaRenfield6/18/2009 5:06 PM


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    WindersitesWindersites subscriber Posts: 1
    Um... What can be said?
    Hate where you get your leads from... very old looking site.
    Hate the fact that your site resides in a sub-directory instead of on the landing page.
    What`s the point of the website?
    How does it make money?
    Can you edit your template or is it a free one (need to get rid of the Joomla reference)?
    Do you have a logo?  If so, replace your favicon.ico with one made with your logo.  It looks more professional.
    I hope I didn`t hurt your feelings, but I don`t believe in beating around the bush.
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    RenfieldRenfield subscriber Posts: 2
    I make money from ads.  That name generator gets between 5,000 and 10,000 hits a day and has gotten as many as a million.  Every few months it`ll spread through some social networking site like MySpace or Facebook and bump me up to tens and occasionally even hundreds of thousands of hits a day.  There is no home page right now because my old one got hacked pretty bad and I didn`t like it anymore anyway so I`m just building a new one.  It is free, but as you know anything can be edited.  It`s not Joomla`s, though, so when I`m done it won`t say Joomla.  And, of course, it will have my own logo.
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