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Softwarehawker Is live. Could you Critique it Please?

vapourlockvapourlock subscriber Posts: 4
edited December 2008 in Website Critique
Hi everyone,
It`s been a long time and I`ve been away trying to bring some juice into my life, setting my new business up; getting my writing and consulting business back into life.
Please take a look at my new blog at http://www.softwarehawker.com/hawkerblog
How does it look? Is there anything I must do to improve it? The content is being added at three times a week. The focus will be on  Business and Productivity Software --  tips, reviews, Trends, etc.
Please do let me know your valuable feedback.
Warm Regards


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    vapourlockvapourlock subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi Craig,

    What you say makes sense. Actually this URL that you just happen to see is a blog. I haven`t built the main site yet. I wonder how to go about it. Perhaps I must look for a website template or something.
    Now, even in the blog`s case, writing about anything and everything might not make sense to me. Like you rightly pointed out, I am out there trying to compete with the really big ones like you mentioned above. However, if I focus on one aspect, it would be great. Niche, what say?
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    vapourlockvapourlock subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks a million, Craig.
    Your post actually gave me  a direction.
    The Softwarehawker Blog is for Software to make your businesses more smart, leaner, productive and secure -- that does it.
    Clear and focused -- Leverage computing technology to increase profits.
    I plan to earn money in two ways:
    1. Directly by placing affiliate links in the posts and on the ad sections.
    2. Building a list and then providing them great information -- I can make money again by using affiliate links; promotions; selling information and much more.
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    vapourlockvapourlock subscriber Posts: 4
    Hey Craig,
    Oh focused I really am right now. I figured the next thing I got to combat is the traffic to the site.
    So what am I doing?
    1.Going big on web 2.0, Social Media and Social Marketing.
    2.Writing some unique content for the blog; additional content for the article directories and much more.
    Pts 1 and 2 done each day. I am in this for the long haul and I know it takes time to build it.
    I am loving it.
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