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When can I expect to be taken seriously?

YoungAndHungryYoungAndHungry subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2006 in Grab Bag
I am 22 y/o guy pursuing two degrees
(Econ and Engineering) from two prestigious but small  (read: known by
few) private schools. I have a product idea that I`m in the process of
developing which relates to women`s shoes. Right now I have a good idea of how
I`m going to build a prototype, but frankly, I`m not a machinist nor do I have
experience in prototyping. I`m adamant about owning my own business and have
been learning about entrepreneurship, at least in a hypothetical sense --
reading, listening to podcasts and just thinking of products and business
concepts -- for a long time. I believe that people have faith in my ability
when I talk to them, but I`m concerned that once I get my product developed
enough to require an Angel that they are going to reject my idea(s) on face
value simply because I don`t have the lines on the resume. I`m smart, and I
think I`ve got what it takes to succeed in business today, but I`m wondering if
it wouldn`t be better to license my first product, take a consulting job, and
then move into business in a couple of years. I have very little capital and
don`t come from a wealthy family.



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    calvinjrcalvinjr subscriber Posts: 3
    I am 22 and I started my company when I was 19. In the
    past 3 years, I have established my company as the preferred vendor for
    web development for North
    Carolina A&T State University,
    worked with NASCAR, and now about to receive our Top Secret Clearance to begin
    working with the Federal Government.


    I say all of this to say, you will be taken seriously when
    you begin to take yourself seriously. I learn all that I can, I have many
    mentors in my field and outside so I can always constantly learn. I do not have
    PhDs and other various lines on my degree but my company and my advisors do.


    So, my advice would be start small and take steps toward
    your success that is all you can do. If there is anything else I can do, my
    email is in my profile.


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    robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    In the world of entrepreneurship - results are what gets a person taken seriously. You get results by doing the "right" things in the right order, by being consistant and persistant and by building a team.
    In your situation, I would seek out a mentor someone who can (and will) give you support and share their experience with you. Visit your SCORE and SBDC. Look at any "adult education" programs and check out the instructors. Perhaps one of your professors can give you a contact in the local business community.
    Robert Johnson
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    JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
    I recently read an article in The Wall Street Journal about an 18-year-old in Florida who makes lots of money by teaching people how to master video games.  If I remember correctly, he`s a high school dropout.
    Whenever I get nervous about approaching a company with a partnership idea, for example, I remember that guy.  If he can do it, so can we!
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    MpyreDzirezMpyreDzirez subscriber Posts: 3
    My first post on this forum...so forgive me if my signature is still showing code. Back on topic, 2 things come to mind robert kiyosaki says it best "You don`t have to be smart to run a business, you just have to know how to hire smart people" Also from reading your post and not knowing anything more about you, it sounds like you need sales skills. Always be closing, these forum posts leave trails on the Internet that don`t go away quickly. I am sure you are very professional and all of us Young Entrepreneurs deal with the "age" issue. Read some books by Zig Ziglar and take it to heart. When you approach someone with true confidence and zero desperation, they can`t help but take interest in you. I think of sales much like the relationship with someone out in the woods running into a wild dog. If you show the slightest fear that dog now knows he is the master and will do what he wishes. Every time you go to speak and want to be taken serious, remember the guy standing in the woods in his first second of meeting the wild dog. You have just SECONDS upon presentation to establish a position of power. Onwards and Upwards,Justin
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    YoungAndHungryYoungAndHungry subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks very much for all of the replies. You have all basically affirmed by current belief, but I thought that maybe I was just being naiive. If I go into this it`s going to require VC money in short order so I`m really just trying to decide if my lack of experience in a certain field should make me lean toward licensing my idea.
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    robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    One final point about you`re statement that it`s going to require VC money in short order.
    Securing true VC money for a very early stage enterprise is a significant challenge - no matter what age you are.
    Robert Johnson
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    YoungAndHungryYoungAndHungry subscriber Posts: 2
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