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Website review http://www.rixxer.com

openboxopenbox subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2009 in Website Critique
Please review my website http://www.rixxer.com and provide your valuable comment.


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    KalaNagKalaNag subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello, openbox!
    Overall, I like your site - I can see how it would be useful for anyone looking for open source software.  It`s sort of "next generation" directory . . .
    Here are my suggestions:
    1 - Up in the header, put just a few words about the purpose of your site.  It`s not hard to figure out what your site`s about, especially if someone was looking for something like it, but save your serindipitous visitiors the bother of scanning and summarizing it.  The larger benefit of this is it implies that the rest of your content will also be quickly and easily digested.
    2 - Your "Home Menu" isn`t visible unless the user scrolls down; if he could see it immediately it might inspire further viewing.
    3 - Perhaps include definitions - maybe a terms page - for some of this software.  For example, many people have heard the term "widget" but don`t know what they are even though they`ve probably seen thousands of them on their screens!
    4 - Which brings me to your Amazon widget - isn`t there a different Amazon widget that shows products more related to your site content?
    These are just my thoughts, offered as constructive criticism, not a slam.  I hope they help!
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    openboxopenbox subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Loren/KalaNag,
    Thank you very much for your valueable inputs. I have tried to incorporate most of the changes, certain limitation (as posed by joomla!!) are still there.
    Looking forward for more inputs
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