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Yeah, That`s exactly how it happened. Opportunity knocked me out flat.
Here I go thinking and dreaming as to how to start my own business, when this very old client of mine walks in one day and announces his plans of starting a "Home Security Solutions" . He simply plonks the whole of the growing, marketing and sales responsibility on to my shoulders and says that I need to be incharge of this baby until it grows up and beyond.
Man, I am so full of excitement, trepidations and expectations. I am bursting at seams and I had already lost a cool 3 days sleep. All the while it remained a dream, I was confident enough, now that it plonked into my hands, I am so weak at the knees that it can crack under my own weight.
I am now a business owner. The growing and shaping of my business is my responsibility. Spray and pray, God don`t make me bray!vapourlock2006-11-16 11:19:49


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    I only recently discovered this site myself, but I can tell you that you have already made one right move: enlisting the help of the SUN community!
    Good luck!
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    LOL! You think
    this is detailed? I`ve been reducing down, keeping it to the basics
    lately, what with other stuff. But yes, if you`re speaking about my
    post, it happened exactly that way. The book is still on the market,
    just look up my name on Google, or "A+ Exam Cram." It took about 7
    months from nothing to done. I did the presentation in November, book
    went to press end of June.
    Craig Great Story.Thanks,JH
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