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For the past 4 months I`ve been looking at various businesses to buy.  I have 10-15k in cash available for a down payment.  Most of the businesses I have found want at least twice that for a down payment.  I have that kind of cash but it would almost wipe out my cash reserves.
Should I keep saving up cash or are there other financing options, besides loans and investors, to make a down payments?  This is frustrating.  For two years, I`ve been saving and sacrificing for this now it might be another two or more.
Can anyone recommend a strategy?


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    mr jones,
    As a general broad scope answer, when a company acquires capital - it either takes on debt or sells equity. However, this really is an over simplification - there are many ways to bring capital into a business.
    Structuring the right funding package for an acquisition depends on the specific situation.
    Send me a PM if you`d like to discuss the details of your situation.
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