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How good are my numbers?

resjobhunterresjobhunter subscriber Posts: 3
edited October 2006 in Website Critique
Hello nation,
My website Restaurantjobhunter.com launched on September 5th, and I am trying to determine how good or bad are the numbers for my site.
Unique Visitors:      
Sept 587      Oct 203
Number of visits:     
Sept 2016     Oct 446
Sept 55815    Oct 8581
Sept 92504         O ct 16043
Also, which number is the most important?  And which should I (or shouldn`t I) quote to customers? 
Renresjobhunter2006-10-6 15:4:59


  • RichardBuggyRichardBuggy subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi RenAlso, which number is the most important?  And which should I (or shouldn`t I) quote to customers? It`s really important to understand what your numbers mean. I`d start by working out who is included in them. Some stats programs report "viewed" and "total" figures while others only use "total" figures. This is important because on a site with low traffic your total figures will be inflated by search engine indexing (and even your own visiting the site). On a small site I keep  only 1 in every 3.5 pages served is viewed by a real person.Unique Visitors: The number of unique people who accessed your site during the month. (i.e. if one person visitied your site every day it should report 1 unique visitor instead of 30).

    Number of visits: The total number of visits during the month (i.e. if one person visited your site every day it would report 30 visits).

    Pages: The number of web pages that were viewed by the people who visited your site.

    Hits: A count of all the pages, images, files, style sheets, etc. (i.e. a page with 9 images would count as 1 page but 10 hits)

    So what should you quote? That depends on whether you want to inflate the figures (without telling a lie) and what you consider commerically sensitive.If I wanted to inflate the site usage without telling a lie:1. Hits2. Number of visits (maybe)If I wanted to provide a more honest picture:1. Number of unique visitors2. Number of visits3. Number of pagesJust remember that the last three will also tell competitors how well your doing.
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