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Pennza Mobile Detailing in Central New Jersey

rcavezzarcavezza subscriber Posts: 10
edited April 2009 in Website Critique
Please critique my website.  Our main purpose for the website is to show people what type of service we provide, and to get them to either schedule an appointment or to sign up whenever we have a sale.  It`s a way to generate a list of future leads as well. 
We do mobile auto detailing.  We come to your house and clean your car`s interior and exterior.  We shampoo carpets, clean windows, dress and gloss the entire interior and have a waterless product for the exterior that washes and polishes. 
We are located in Central New Jersey and provide services to almost the entire state.  Our two main selling points are the convenience of us coming to your house so you don`t have to go to the detail shop and get dropped off and picked up and how environmentally friendly our waterless wash product is compared to other chemical based washes that will drain into your water supply or soil.
site is located at http://www.pennza.com/
The original design was taken from an altered web template.  We liked the colors and designed our logo after it.  Almost every aspect of the site has changed from the original template except the color scheme and the basic CSS coding.  We altered images and put in our own copy and changed the navigation a little bit.  We also attempted to optimize for search engines, but we are amateurs and it can probably be done a little better.
All critiques would be appreciated and taken to heart.  Please don`t sugar coat, honesty would be appreciated (even if it is harsh or mean).
Thank you in advance.
Robert M. Cavezza
Pennza Mobile Auto Detailing
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  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    About the only problem I have with the site is that you aren`t in Massachusetts.Otherwise, I would have liked to see some before and after images, and your site does not make it clear where your service area is.
  • WebsitesUnleashedWebsitesUnleashed subscriber Posts: 4
    I agree with Steve. How about putting `Live in Central New Jersey?` above the `We come to you` line. I would also put each County you cover in the About Us page or a detailed map of coverage.
    Maybe some other minor changes like, increasing the email address field size for the appointment scheduling, reformatting the fields to follow a layout instead of being all over the place (line things up), and include a checkbox/say they will receive a confirmation email.
    Your site needs some more content. It`s nice and simple now, but it needs some extra stuff if you want to look bigger and better in SE`s eyes. I can`t think of any suggestions but one or two more pages could make a difference.
  • rcavezzarcavezza subscriber Posts: 10
    Those are all good ideas.  Any suggestions for adding more content, but trying to drive people to the "Schedule an Appointment" and "See Our Prices" pages?  I`m probably going to need to rethink the entire navigation system when adding pages.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.
    Thanks for the feedback guys.  It`s really appreciated.
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    You image (samples) files are too large.. and will take a while to load.
    Make sure to resize your images before adding them to your webpage.
  • rcavezzarcavezza subscriber Posts: 10
    I`m starting to make these needed changes.  Does anyone know where I can find a free jpg compressor online?  I used to use one a few years ago, but can`t find the url.
    Thanks in advance.
    Robert M. Cavezza
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    Why compress images? Just resize them to the size you want them to display.
  • rcavezzarcavezza subscriber Posts: 10
    They took long to long right now.  Especially on the home page and sample pages where they are thumbnails only.  I wouldn`t compress the full image for when they click on a thumbnail. 
    At least that` what I thought would be best.  Any ideas?
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Agreed, this isn`t the area to ask about insurance issues.
    As far as the site, it doesn`t keep my interest. I don`t get the golf connection. Simply because it was founded by golf enthusiasts, that doesn`t make it a selling point. I don`t care about that right away. Focus on what you do for the visitor, how it helps them before anything else.
    There`s also nothing on the site that, as an investor, would interest me. Nothing tells me what your customer base is, how busy you are, the type of return I would get, etc. This is also a topic for a different thread.
  • jumbopandajumbopanda subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree with Craig.  You need colored images.  Also, you don`t want pictures that are squished. Perhaps lightening the background would also be a nice change.  If you are trying to highlight these two point, display them on the front.  Don;t make me look for a reason to use you.  Give me the reason before I ask for it.
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