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Too many looky loos in a niche business

rbrucerbruce subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2007 in Sales
Hi Everybody,
I`ll try to make this short and consise. Our small business http://www.docs2digital.com/docs2digital.html</A> is in the Document Management services and Solutions business. An area that is growing fast, maybe to fast. We get a fair amount of inquiries and hits. We carry entry level products as well as enterprise wide solutions. Here is what has almost put us out of business in the past. Lets say we have 10 solid prospects. All qualified and they have budgets and timeframes set (time frames are usually 3-4 months). However, after a while it all gets put on the back burner. Its not that we lose them to competitors they just dont buy anything. This is even after we may spend a few thou working with them. We usually present a needs analysis and get very detailed in why they need/want/benefit from our solutions. We are trying to re-market so as to grab possibly a differnt type of prospect. Not a lot of luck so far. Has anybody else battled this and what did you do to overcome it?


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    First "looky loo" implies some contempt or at least irritation. You might change your perspective a bit as a first move. This will help a lot. After that, here are two basic strategies.
    1. Use push marketing. Develop a product and use sales to push it into the market. This is sort of the old-fashioned way. I get the feeling this is your current approach.
    2. Use pull marketing. Develop a remarkable product, or the perception thereof, that is good enough to generate its own demand. This is either an impulse buy sort of product or a product that people decide they can`t live without. Great marketing communicates clearly, quickly, and effortlessly, regardless of your product. Maybe you have a world beater, but it is not presented as such right now.
    I visited your web site and I have only the vaguest idea what you offer. I understand that its related to document management but that`s about it. To be perfectly honest, this is the marketing that I would expect from an amateur. The company`s market position is unclear, the product position is unclear, and the information appears to be thrown together by someone who understands the product but has no real understanding about marketing.
    If marketing is a budget issue, go get a college level textbook and read it cover-to-cover. If you`re paying for your marketing, find a different supplier, because they`ve done a bad job.
    I`ve also found that a Also, try this, but it`s quite complex.
    I would be happy to answer additional questions.
    [ Here`s an article I wrote on copywriting. ]
  • rbrucerbruce subscriber Posts: 1
    This is REALLY Good stuff, we know we suck at marketing..lol but these are ideas and assistance to help us over come it. Every body this has been a help any more is greatly apprecated. I have hesitated to go sell the "pain point" but we see that is now necessary. Keep it coming!!!!!!
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    Thanks for the kind words BThomD.
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