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Data Management Business?

rbergst205rbergst205 subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2007 in Selecting a Business
Took plunge into my own business 3 years ago. Tried to start a full service IT firm that would help small business with hardware, software and training issues. This didn`t work, got in over head with way more than we could deliver. Took some time regrouped and realized we are good at helping small business owners manage data. Problem I have is finding similar models- business`s that help a small business owner manage information- by making database work more efficient and streamlining how information is gathered and handled.
Could use help/advice with this...


  • miabellacandlesmiabellacandles subscriber Posts: 3
    "Efficiency expert" springs immediately to mind. You can definitely help businesses become more organized and thus save money by watching their workflow processes and making suggestions for improvements. You can then implement new systems yourself or work with other consultants. There are many large businesses that need this type of assistance, as well.
  • johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
    "business`s that help a small business owner manage information"
    What does that mean?
    This is so vague.
    A retail business is different from a doctor`s office which is different from a gas station .... So, exactly what do you do?
  • Fred333Fred333 subscriber Posts: 0
    I think what he means is that keeping track of clients and other documents produced from running a business. Some small business owners do not know how to properly store data for later use. I am guessing though.
  • evalowrainevalowrain subscriber Posts: 0
    Well, data management can mean a lot of things. Do you mean dealing with their databases - setting them up, integrating them into systems? Or do you mean taking paper records and storing them electronically? Or do you mean business intelligence?Check out the Data Management Institute. http://www.datainstitute.org/portal/They may be able to offer guidance.
  • rbergst205rbergst205 subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback- from the response`s you`ve helped me realize that being very specific is vital. What we`ve done successfully over the past year is help business owners manage information- which means
    Helping owners prioritize what facts they need access to in order to manage their business, Determining how often they need to see certain facts (setting up schedules to receive and review vital facts.
    Helping Business owners setup systems for handling information efficiently by removing duplication, eliminating unecessary data, simplifying how data is entered, creating accuracy check points
    Regarding the comment that all business` are different, yes we have separate programs for helping retail stores, service companies, manufacturing companies and insurance-financial management companies.
    We are efficiency experts - we do strengthen systems for core business operations (billing, job costing, inventory management...)
    An engagement life cycle is a lead- evaluation - project design/acceptance - work- followup/retainer support
    As I look at comparable business` there are the big players-larger consulting firms and software vendors, but there are little if any business` that provide this service to the small business (40 or less employees) owner.
    This is creating problems for me in marketing and sales. People ask what you do and I want to answer the question quickly and avoid glazing their eyes over with technical mumbo jumbo or consultant talk.
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