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feedback on idea needed

raoslraosl subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2011 in Website Critique
Hi, I would like you to provide me feedback, suggestions about website or rather now just idea I'm currently working on. I have an concept of making service devoted for small and medium companies. As we know nowadays IT is ubiquitous and indispensable in making business in almost every kind of the company. Almost everybody needs business website, computers and network in the office, sometimes servers and more advanced infrastructure, hardware, software... On the other hand there are more and more firms providing IT and telecommunication services. When someone wants to find cost-effective and reliable IT solution it takes much time. You have to dig through many pages, call companies, provide the same details to every IT company and then negotiate price etc. My idea is to facilitate that process by combinig companies providing IT services with the companies interested in such services. My solution is the website where people would post their requests and IT companies can answer these needs. Everything in one place, what is more we have win-win situation as one side have almost immediately couple of competitive offers, can post questions, requests to all companies and on the other side IT companies would have easy access to the database of the potential orders and subsequently money. I decided to call my website - bizitful.com as a mix of words biz (from business) and it. There's already some landing page at http://www.bizitful.com where users can find some basic info about service and they can sign up for newsletter. I'm thinking about launching some trial Adwords campaign to see if there will be enough interest in such thing. I'm also considering to post some info on the LinkedIn profile. What do u think about it? Can you propose any changes, constructive feedback? Next steps?


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    edawgedawg subscriber Posts: 0
    Not really much to go on right now because of the lack of content on your website. Are you planning to add more content before you try Adwords?
    If you leave it like it is now and start an Adwords campaign, your site would score a pretty low Google quality score which would mean you would pay a higher price for clicks, and that's even if Google lets you list your ads with your current website.
    Personally, I would add more content on your homepage and make sure all your text is not hidden in an image like it is now. You want the search engines to be able to read the important text on your page in order to rank it better, which means that text in an image cannot be seen or read by the search engines, so your website ranking would suffer.
    Also you might want to add a couple more pages to make your website more user friendly and informative, which would also help your Google quality score in Adwords.
    Hope this feedback helps you out with your next steps?
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