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NPO website with ads?

dctmfoodctmfoo subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2008 in Business Planning
Hello All,
I have some questions and I hope the community members can help me.
1) Is it legal to display ad`s in a NPO`s website? What are the limitations on using that money?
2)Assume I donate X amount of money towards my NPO and use that money for marketing and to cover the operating costs of the NPO, Can I declare that as donation towards charity in my yearly tax filings? or how does that work?
3)Assume I want to start a profitable business in a totally different domain from my NPO, do i have to register an another company(I would assume YES) ?
4)I spent 194$ on corporate.com to register the NPO, can i get this back when i fill for tax returns in 2008?
5)What are the benefits NPO gets in taxation standpoint?
Also please point me a good resource where i can read about starting up a new NPO. (I am also googling as I post this)
I am unaware of many legal practices here in the US since I`m considerably new to own a business so please pardon me if i happen to mention anything illegal in my post.
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