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NotDoneYetNotDoneYet subscriber Posts: 1
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I have been wanting to get back into the biz for the last two years. My previous "enterprise" bottomed out with the real estate market... long story.. I am a 14 year real estate veteran who is not giving up my current sphere of  clients.  I enjoy it and have a proven track record.  It was my learning curve and I am biting to get back in another biz.  HOWEVER< I am still feeling that I haven`t reached my sales capacity and love being an independent business owner.   I am already searching for my "passion" venue.  I just don`t know much about garnering the internet market, driving clients to you, picking the right business etc.,  I am truly back in the beginner`s box..  HELP?? Not Done Yet! NotDoneYet2008-4-8 19:20:23


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    vapourlockvapourlock subscriber Posts: 4
    2 years and you are still in the "thinking" mode? You should be in the " doing mode". Passion has a way to show itself for those who put in the required dirty work. I am sure you would do amazingly well if you apply yourlsef a little more onto anything that seems to work for you.
    The ability to do sales is certainly a skill you would do well to master. do BE an independent business owner( nothing like it in this world and beyond). Don`t worry about picking the right business -- just ensure that whatever business you pick, you do it right.
    All the very best.
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    SiteFlipAcademySiteFlipAcademy subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello there,
    Whats up? There`s plenty of business option in here. Feel free to explore and good luck on your chosen venture.
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    NotDoneYetNotDoneYet subscriber Posts: 1
    thanks for the insight.. it is appreciated, I want to make sure it is done right this time.. lol, first time while educational, cost me a boat load..  I am browsing sites and have been looking at the top 100 home based etc., to see what "clicks".. find my "passion"  ...  this site has been so informative and I just signed on!  I wish I had found it on my first "go round"!!  thanks to all who answer!
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    tinnekatinneka subscriber Posts: 1

    Hello NotDoneYet,


    I couldn`t help notice this: "...I am browsing sites and have been looking at the top 100 home based etc., to see what "clicks".. find my "passion"..."


    Maybe this is part of what is wrong - you are looking for your passion outside of yourself. You are waiting for the world (or the web, as the case may be) to thrust a passion at you  instead of identifying your inner passion(s), then mapping out a way to transform them into a money-making business idea.

    What 3 things would you do with your time/energy if money were no object?

    What aspects of these activities give you a real sense of joy/satisfaction?

    What people can those activities benefit - and how?

    Maybe answering these questions (for a start) will bring you closer to your inner passion and lead you to the business you were meant to be - successful! - in.

    tinneka4/11/2008 7:27 AM
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    besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    I agree with Trina. Your passion is a personal thing that drives you. If you are looking to do something else consider the challenges that may also come with it and see if you will be back in this dilemma. The real estate market fluctuates, the economy has it`s highs and lows, we are dealing with the way of life here - find something that you will be able to do through good times and bad times - maybe you may want to reconsider and find a way to make your current situation work. In any case, continue to network, attend real estate events, join new groups, promote your self and perhaps look into joining another team of Realtors.
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    NotDoneYetNotDoneYet subscriber Posts: 1
    that is exactly what I have done, and thank you for your response,  I am truly passionate about optimal health, women`s health, fitness, beauty.  I am pursuing a life plan in that direction! thanks to all who were kind enough, direct enough, to respond!!
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    tinnekatinneka subscriber Posts: 1
    Good luck to you and much success in whatever business you decide to begin!
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