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Affiliate Program in the Real World?

LovingJewelryLovingJewelry subscriber Posts: 1
Hi All!
I have a handcrafted jewelry business in which I am the sole owner and
designer.  I am looking to expand my clientele (aren`t we all) and
am borrowing and expanding an idea from StartUp Nation.  I am
taking the idea of a superstar list and applying to my clients whom I
think would be great at spreading the word and who will help increase
The superstar idea has three opportunities to earn 20% in free jewelry
or 20% commission.  1. Host a show.  2. Direct clients to my
online store to purchase  3. Independent sales.
I am stuck on the Independent Sales portion.  I do not want my
business to become an MLM, I want this "program" to be more like an
affiliate program.  But since I offer a hard good and not a
service, I think it makes it more difficult for the independent sales
person to sell the pieces.  I don`t really want them to have to
purchase an inventory.
I had an idea of a traveling trunk show where a superstar can "check
out" or "rent" a selection of pieces he/she thinks he/she can

Is this a good idea?  Is it worth pursuing?  Is 20% fair?  Any ideas, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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    LovingJewelryLovingJewelry subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you C.F. for your response.  I did find it helpful!
    Initially  I was thinking of offering the "affiliate program" to
    my past clients; I hadn`t thought of offering it to retailers.  I
    do have a wholesale price available for my pieces, which I thought
    would be sufficient for retailers. 
    Ok, let`s go with the idea of an affiliate like program or a true
    affiliate program for my products.  How do I find
    retailers/galleries, etc?  How do I track orders for the affiliate
    program?  I know it has to do with the coding on my website, but
    I`m not sure how to do it.  Currently I am using PayPal for my
    shopping cart, and have found that it is quite limited.  Am I able
    to do this with PP or do I need to find another shopping cart?

    PS-If there are any high-end retailers reading this, please email me! Let`s talk!
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