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Right Way to Sell Listings on a Site?

RM325RM325 subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2008 in Sales
Hi everyone. I`ve finished building my first website and am finally ready to accept listings from businesses. It`s a site where wedding-type vendors are reviewed and listed. I`ve read here that the best technique is to place a call, ask for the owner or business decision maker, then briefly describe what we do and send something in the mail.

1. Is it really necessary to send something when I`ve got the website? All the questions potential advertisers could have are asked and answered in a section just for them. Also, I`m bootstrapping so is printing up and mailing materials really worth it? Could I just send PDFs or does there need to be a physical thing sitting on someone`s desk?
2. Is it really necessary to show up in person to try to close the deal? Problem is: I can describe the site and its benefits in great detail but I don`t have the aggressive personality needed to close a deal. Nor can I afford to hire a sales person, unless he/she wants to work on commission only. Also, we`re aiming at small businesses around the country so me travelling around is not an option.
Thanks in advance!


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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Hi! Digatal media is very acceptable and actually a lot of times preferred. Make sure you create a high quality marketing piece that clearly explains the benefits to the prospective clients!! We use Go to meeting ALL the time and dimdim meetings are the same and free. I use central desktop and they also offer online meetings.
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