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How Do Lead Brokers Generate Leads?

seethesunseethesun subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2009 in Sales
Hi everyone,
This is my first post. I used to work for a timeshare company (Wyndham), in charge of lead generation for our telemarketing centers. We did this mainly by setting up at various events (festivals, expos, etc) where our target market would be. We would generate up to 15,000 gross leads per month.
Well, I was part of about 6,000 people laid off back in October. However, one of the suppliers I dealt with (he supplied the computers we used at the events) decided to start a lead generation business.
He contacted me and wanted help in actually running the lead generation side of it at the actual events because he doesn`t know much about lead generation. He is basically supplying the financial side of things, equipment, and has some contacts.
He is trying to land other timeshare companies as clients. The problem is that, as with a lot of businesses, they are cutting budgets and cutting hard. So they aren`t buying leads right now.
So I thought, what about selling to the lead brokers. They will always needs leads because that`s their business.
My question is does anyone know where they get their leads from? I know some set up through websites and affiliate programs, but surely some have offline methods, right?
Depending on their qualifications (which will depend on types of leads) we could supply probably anywhere from 4,000 to 15,000 per month.
Thanks for any assistance.


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    seethesunseethesun subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the info. I know more about the actual lead generating part moreso than moving them. When working with Wyndham we targetted by the events we chose. We wanted people that made a certain amount, had a home, and a certain age. So we targered home/garden shows/expos, boat and RV events, pet events, etc.
    That`s where our market would be. We would qualify them based on the answers they gave in the questionnaire. These types of events also generate well for the financial, mortgage, and debt relief types of industries. This is why I think they would be highly valuable. Obviously they won`t be as good as someone searching specifically for these things online and filling out the form, but meet the qualifications nonetheless.
    I guess it will be just a matter of contacting brokers and talking to them directly.
    Thanks again.
    seethesun2/16/2009 9:28 PM
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