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buying an already used domain name

purefire1976purefire1976 subscriber Posts: 1
I am in the process of starting up a business and have been looking to register a domain name so that i could atleast already have that instead of trying to do it at the last minute. so i have found a name i like, but it`s already registered to one of those senseless  sites with other links to others places and things god-knows-where. i don`t know if you knw what i mean but lets say you type ina website and you misspell it, it takes you to a site with  a listing of similar sites to the one you were trying to go to in the first place... (did i confuse you yet?) well do you know where i can go to  maybe buy an already used domain name?


  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Purefire1976... The only thing I can suggest is to send an email to the site`s webmaster or other contact information visible on the site. I was the webmaster on such a site (not advertising, but a reqular information based site) and when I received a "would you like to sell your domain name blahblah.com?" I forwarded it to the domain name owner. In the end, they sold it for a very reasonable amount because they enjoyed what it was to become... Well that, and the fact renewal was coming up and they really were not as interested in it anymore.Hope this helps.
  • friendsfirlifefriendsfirlife subscriber Posts: 4
    Welcome Purefire1976. 
    If you go to the website www.networksolutions.com</A> .  After you put in the domain name you want and it comes up unavailable, you can opt to make an offer on it or back order it. 
    If you are not actually planning on building your website for a while, you might want to just back order.  This leaves a standing order, should the current owner fail to renew their registration. 
    Best of luck.
  • cbdesigncbdesign subscriber Posts: 0
    We recently relaunched our site www.MakeDomainOffers.com (formerly Buy Used Domain Names) where you can make an offer on premium domain names and if we accept the offer, the name is yours.
    In some cases, you can snag a domain worth hundreds or even thousands for a fraction of the cost. It's like a domain aftermarket or domain auction without the hassle. You will be surprised at the quality of names we have. Just make sure you put in an offer and remember, just be realistic when considering what you're willing to pay.
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