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Are You A Good Marketer?

rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
edited August 2006 in Marketing
I am very surprised here to see so many members without a good profile photo.
Marketing is about selling yourself.
If you were purchasing products or services from a salesperson offline you would make a judgement (conscious or subconscious) about that persons presentation and knowledge of the product or service. This will affect your decision; to purchase or not. If the sales person confuses you or does not give good answers to your questions you will not purchase.
The same applies to online marketing. Many potential buyers may visit you web page but may not be impressed with presentation or are unable to find the answers to questions they may have. Or just want to know who they are buying from.
I have visited many web pages with the intention of purchasing advertising or products but have not been able to get questions answered. I have not made a purchase but gone somewhere else to buy. 
For me the same applies to communities. I like to see and know about people I may like to share interests or ideas with.
What do members here think?


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    JoetheRoadWarriorJoetheRoadWarrior subscriber Posts: 2
    I would be very interested in your definition of a "good profile photo". Having successfully worked throughout the world including Australia (from Sydney-Perth), I have found that "good" is a very relative word with a multitude of meanings and connotations.
    Another definition of marketing could be "Creating the need" and "Developing the requirement" and the person (salesperson) comes in and takes the order.
    Just a thought. Have a great day
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    rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Hi Joe,
    There is a difference between a salesperson and an order taker. If a company is so brilliant they create a product that people will just purchase regardless; you only need an order taker.
    Not too may companies out there like that. Most have very capable opposition.
    Joe everyone has a different opinion on good. I run singles sites and all singles site put forward profiles of their members to attract more clients. I feel the profiles I put forward on my design singles site are good. View Sample
    What is your opinion?
    Joe to me a good profile in business communities should make people remember you when your subject of interest is put forward. A really good photo help people remember.
    I use the same photo in many communities.
    Regards Michael.
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    rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Hi deasandInnovations
    I have worked online for quite sometime but I also have many offline business contacts.
    When you are dealing with people face to face you know exactly who you are dealing with. Online there are many scammers and untrustworthy people. So many people I know avoid people who do not use a real name or post a good photo.
    I have so many contacts I have a hard time remembering real people so bad profiles or profiles without photos etc are a turn off for me.
    The profile I posted as an example was not a live profile. I posted it as an example. It is an old profile. It was filled out buy the member. At that time we do not correct spelling mistakes made by members.
    What I am trying to stress is that if you are here for business or to make business contacts, good presentation will really assist you.
    Please what do others here think about this?
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    IrishEyesIrishEyes subscriber Posts: 0
    My first venture into a post... *gulp*
    I`ll react more positively to great content vs.a personal photo any day. Let`s face it: in our society it`s a fact that attractive people get more breaks. Deny it and you`re fooling yourself. Beauty attracts adoration, but brains command respect. Personally, I`d prefer to have you respect me than fawn over me. If I was brilliant but not especially attractive, why would I rush to upload a photo? I bet we`ve all heard stories about photos being posted that are of someone else, or perhaps from 10 years or 20 pounds ago.
    If I`m visiting a website, the CONTENT is the attraction. And I`m looking for professional content. People who can`t spell what they sell make me nervous even if they`re good-looking.  As they say, "Looks will fade. And when they do, you better have substance between the ears to fall back on."
    Someday I`ll post a photo so you`ll know I`m not saying this because I`m unattractive. I just want to get acquainted with personalities first.
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    LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    For me the same applies to communities. I like to see and know about people I may like to share interests or ideas with.
    What do members here think?For me, with my personal name as part of my business identity, the photo image of myself is an important element of the marketing and promotion of my services.  With 80-85% of my business being for clients I never meet face-to-face, many appreciate having a visual to put with the name, phone calls and email contacts.  Having that "visual connect" is often going to play a role in establishing a business relationship - particularly for the one-person business providing services.With online forums the same has been true for me.  There is an appreciation of being able to "see" the person you may be connecting with - and it goes both ways.  Having the photo imagery available is also an advantage when an editor, magazine or web site production person, or other resource needs a bio photo quickly for an article or book ot promotion of a speaking engagement.  In the end, I am selling my design, writing and speaking services.  Having good  promotion photos to back up the expertise does add some degree of validity to me as a professional in those areas - especially when I work within an industry that is so visually dependent.- J. 
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    rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Hi Again all
    Thank you for your input
    In my view the more you keep online business like offline business the more comfortable people feel with dealing with you. I think people are more likely to join your affiliate program or do business with you online if you have a recognizable presence.
    I would like to hear from more people about their view on this. If you disagree with me please let me know. This is a friendly discussion and all are welcome to have a say.
    So please keep posting
    I will try and catch up with you all individually a bit later, I`m sure we will all get to know each other better as time goes by.
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