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Looking for feedback -Please

SethSeth subscriber Posts: 2
Since the StartupNation community inspired me to start my own business I ask you to give me feedback, no matter how good or bad it may be, I want the truth! My online store went live one month ago. Please visit it, shop it, explore it, and then hit me with your feedback. Your input is important to me.
<a href=http://www.coolbugstuff.com/ target="ctech"> http://www.coolbugstuff.com/ </a>


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    drdesignsdrdesigns subscriber Posts: 1
    Love your web site! What a cool idea. Just the sort of thing my kids would
    have loved when they were little. But - please tell me you don`t eat bugs!
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    SethSeth subscriber Posts: 2
    That was fast. Thank you for the feedback. Since I do sell edible bugs I thought it only fitting to taste my own merchandise (sorry to gross anyone out) and they are definitely worth trying. The bug recipes are really good too if you have the desire and nerve to try them out. The "about us" ideas is great! Thank you and I will be writing an article about how this all began - it is really an entrepreneurial dream story.  
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I too, thought it was cool. What a great concept too.
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    theswaynestertheswaynester subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
    Yeah. Neat.I seemed to itch a lot when I viewed it though.Like something was crawling up my leg.
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    SethSeth subscriber Posts: 2
    Yeah. Neat.I seemed to itch a lot when I viewed it though.Like something was crawling up my leg.
    That itch was telling you to buy something! (LOL) Seriously, thank you for visiting www.coolbugstuff.com</A>. It is a little creepy and crawly but that is half the fun.
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    promisepromise subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Bug`s,
    I have just joined and you are my first contact.
    Honest Feed Back.
    Love the web site, very clear and easy to use.
    Maybe you could post gross jokes about bugs that kids will like!
    You could offer a service to send a Bug`s to ex partners with a touching message.(best not but could be fun).
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    SethSeth subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Promise,
    Thank you for your great ideas. I am not allowed to tell anymore jokes. My wife and children say it embarasses them. However I am will be adding children`s games to the site soon. I know games keep the families comming back. Most of my bookmarked pages at home are kid`s games and activities and my children visit them often when not outside finding bugs for dad.
    Sending bugs to ex`s is a great and fun idea. I would probably need lots of worms, stinkbugs and roaches! Unfortunately it would only reinforce people`s fears and hatered for bugs and that would be against my mission: To promote fascination and education with nature`s most abundant creatures - bugs.
    However, this may be the beggining of a new business venture for you. There are plenty of ex`s, bugs, and people who would hate receiving them.
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    GroovyGroovy subscriber Posts: 0
    I hate bugs, but I love your site! Good choice of colors, high quality photos!
    Please add some anti-itch products for bug-haters, I started to itch and...
    I would like to see "About Us" section as well.
    Good luck!
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    OnlineSidingJamesOnlineSidingJames subscriber Posts: 2
    Good site, very colorful and fun!
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    gderniegdernie subscriber Posts: 1
    This is a cool concept. here`s my 2 contruction critisism cents, hope it doesn`t bug you
    1. I would make your header smaller (height) and make the grass area darker or ligher so your logo really stands out and pops.
    2. You want to keep your menus together as much as possible to prevent the viewer from getting lost. I suggest all your busines information on the top (about us, contact, policy ect.) on the left all your categories (products, informative articles)
    3. Make all your product images the same size and maybe add a border like a neon green or orange so when the viewer see that border then know it`s a product and not just a static image on your site.
    4. I love your "Buy Now" Button.
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    SethSeth subscriber Posts: 2
    Varju, James, Ernie...you all rock! Thank you for your ideas and suggestions. I have come to realize my site is and will always be a work in constant progress.
    Ernie, I too agree - the "Buy Now" button is my favorite and I hope many many people feel the same way!
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    yukon365yukon365 subscriber Posts: 1
    I may be way off on this, but I had a few initial ideas: This may sound
    lame, but what if you had a little "mascot" that was part of the logo, some
    friendly cartoon-looking bug. If you have web traffic that are children, I
    would think that would help them to connect to the site. I think your site
    is focused on kids, and maybe they need some direction. When I first got
    to the site, in the first 1/2 second, I didn`t know what to do. I personally
    think that websites should have attractive, eye-grabbing features that
    lead the viewer to do the desired action (i.e. buy your stuff). Also, I think
    you have a great opportunity to get the kids "hooked" on your site before
    giving them the sales pitch. Have them play some virtual games, like a
    quiz where you identify the bugs, their parts, etc... or something like that.
    Something that caters to their interest in bugs so that they want to mimic
    what they just did on the site, like a magnifying glass and identification
    booklet. This may sound crazy, but if you can imagine a kid (who has no
    money) all excited about telling the parents (who do have the money)
    about what they just learned and how they want the following from the
    website. Kids themselves don`t have money, and most adults aren`t going
    to camp out on your site to look at bugs, so you`ll have to bridge the gap
    somehow. Just some thoughts.
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    SethSeth subscriber Posts: 2
    Yukon give me all the ideas you want! (sorry, I couldn`t resist).
    Not lame at all! I was going back and forth with the mascot idea and I feel you are right - kids love mascots! And games. My "bug" games are being worked on as we speak. So the question is which mascot?
    MASCOT POLL: Cockroach, Tarantula, Beetle, Preying Mantis, or Dragonfly?  
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    yukon365yukon365 subscriber Posts: 1
    I just found something that might help you. It was featured on www.digg.com</A>. Check this link out, it offers a "heatmap" of where people are clicking on your site. You may find it helpful to study it to see where to place your links strategically. Not sure if it will help, but I thought it was pretty cool. Here`s the link:
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