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I am so Confused, I NEED HELP!

promisenataliapromisenatalia subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2009 in Selecting a Business
Hi Everyone, Thank you for reading my post! I have been looking to start my own business for such a long time. I have a big Dream Business, but it seems like it`s something "unreachable" for me, I dream of opening a restaurant with international foods, mostly Romanian. But that`s something I put aside.My question, actually is: Why most people don`t like Network marketing (MLM)? I`ve been looking to start working with a company, whose products I`ve been taking for a while, and absolutely love them (in my opinion they are the best out there), but everyday i hear people advising me to NOT get involved in MLM? WHY? Yes, I have heard that there is a 97% failure in MLM, but I don`t know how true is that, aren`t people out there who have been successfull in Network Marketing? (I don`t really believe anymore what I read on the Internet, because there is such a big debate on the subject, I don`t know where to look.) I believe that if you put your mind to it, and work hard, then you can achieve success in any business, or job, or Life in general. Why are most people so disguised by MLM? I`ve tried creating my own products, like silk flower arrangements, which I had little success with, but I haven`t gotten far with those either, because nothing I like more than  what I really like: and that is Cooking (Healthy cooking)! My message seems to be confusing probably (sorry) but based on my passion for cooking, what ideas or advice you migh have that I could benefit from? And WHY do people run with a "high speed" from MLM?Thank you for reading, any ideas, suggestions, advice, info would be greatly appreciated!


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    balloonbizznezzballoonbizznezz subscriber Posts: 0

    Hi promisenatalia,
    Today is my first day at this site and this is my first response to a post.


    It`s funny but my husband is currently doing the whole MLM thing and I am looking into starting a business, so I kind of something to respond on both issues.


    The whole MLM thing I think only works when it is something you believe in. I think the Pyramid Structure implies quick money and most people are tired of getting scammed by them. The reason why I say it should be something you believe in, understand and appreciate and want others to benefit from is because ultimately it is something you are selling. If you sell something to friends and family that you are not too sure of, it my cost you your relationship. My husband is an investor so when he came across a MLM idea that involved credit restoration, in this market, he jumped on it! (Oh...by the way I am also a Realtor so that kind of helps as well) He knew he could actually help people and make money off of it. That`s what I mean when I say that it really should be something that you believe in.
    As far as the restaurant with international foods I think it is genius. Why not?! I think you should start by catering from home. My cousin is actually starting that now! He has his career, but he always loved cooking so he made up a menu and started telling friends. He has only done a few private (more personal) romantic diners and recently one wedding. He profited $1,000. Which is not bad when you consider that he did not charge for most of the services that he provided because lack of knowledge on big parties.
    I think you could do it all! Why Not?! It`s not going to hurt to try? Try the MLM with the product you like and try catering than when people realize how good your food is than you open up your Dream business with your clientele.
    I am currently doing my research on a business I want to start. That is why I ended up on this website. So I suggest doing your research, which is probably why YOU are on this site and go for it!
    I wish you the best and lots of luck!
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    promisenataliapromisenatalia subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you both very much, I know it took so long to do this....
    Your posts really inspired me, now I`m creating a new blog, I`m reading a book and doing lots of research on how to start a catering business. The problem is that it`s not all that easy from my side here, I won`t go too deep into that, but there is another maybe year or so I can`t really start a real business. But by the time, everything is going to be ready and done, I`ll be prepared and ready! As of right now, "I can" only do stuff online, and MLM, I`m not really allowed to do anything else. I already started doing business with the Network Marketing and I absolutely love it!
    Thank you both again so much!
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    well said - the third point you mentioned, which in my opinion is the most important aspect of a successful MLM campaign, is often underestimated or ignored.  everyone just wants the magic pill
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