Digital Backgrounds for Phtographers: How can I market them?

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We produce CD`s of digital backgrounds that photgraphers and graphic artists can use. They purchase the CD`s with 20 or so designs on them and they have the rights to use them.We have a web site but what we don`t have is an effective way to direct traffic through our site.
Any suggestions?
Thank you for your help!


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    I came away from reading your post and a review of your site a little different than Craig did - could be from my marketing work and years of working with photographers on projects. I get what you are attempting to do. It is cool. One might think photographers would jump on this idea.
    Did you test market the ideas with any photographers before your launch? If so, what was their reaction and comments?
    One issue I see is that you have given photographers a great idea that is not too difficult to duplicate. I`m not too confident that the photography industry will jump on your products. I just contacted two photographer friends and asked them to review your site with me over the phone ... both said it was a great idea and they would probably duplicate some of the ideas in future work - but they would not purchase. Unscientific I know - nonetheless, I think it is telling.
    Maybe the consumer market is where your product/idea/service would do better. I would suggest tyring to work with some of the consumer photo sites like Snapfish and Kodak and such as an added-value product with their services, but once again, I feel they would just steal your idea since it is relatively easy to duplicate in house.
    You could try some advertising in photo industry trade pubs and direct mail marketing to these audiences as a test. See if you get any bites. I love your work and the site is well done but I`m just afraid it`s too easily duplicated and expandable.
    [email protected] keycon2006-9-21 15:18:19
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    Thank you for the feedback. I`m going to begin looking at this step by step per your comments. t`s great to have a set of eyes looking at this that hasn`t stared at the designs, the concepts, and the site for the last 6 months. It really does make a difference.
    I`ll post when I have a chance to really analyze what you`ve said.
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    Scott -I`d have to agree with Richard, as a designer myself, you`ve got a great idea and some cool designs.  But I don`t usually buy these kinds of things.On the other hand, they`re a perfect fit for the home or business office user.  I know there are a number of companies out there that offer these sorts of images on CD collections.  Have you considered contacting some of them to see if they would include them on one of their compilations.  Just make sure you get credit for them and that you retain the rights to use them yourself so that you can continue your own venture as well.  This might bridge the gap while you`re getting things sorted out and a marketing plan put together.One other thing you might consider.  Are these backgrounds in layers and separate elements?  This would change everything when trying to sell to designers.  If I know that I can remove, affect or otherwise customize these backgrounds because they are still in their Photoshop/Illustrator layers, then I would be more open to adding them to a library that I can pull from if I`m really in a pinch.One of the issues when selling something like this to a designer is the fact that they are not unique.  If I design something using one of these for Company X and then they show up in an ad for Company Z, I look bad, Company X and Z look bad and my rep goes down the toilet...R-
    rossb2006-9-21 16:3:41
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    Rossb ... Scott`s site states the files are still in layers and while this is a good thing for a professional, I don`t see where the average home/office environment will have the Photoshop program needed to do the kind of manipulation required. Masking photos to drop in the backgrounds is not usually in the average consumers skill set - IMHO.
    By the way, Joel needs to grab one of your rainbow photos on your profile page as a favorite Photo of The Day selection
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    Richard -It does say that on his site, I just missed it, sorry.You`re also absolutely right about the average home user not having the expertise or capability to need layers (unless they`re using Elements or such).  Nor the average office user.  That particular comment, however, was directed towards selling to designers...I still think though, that there are enough home users with digital cameras (*who also fancy themselves the family expert) who might be enticed by the opportunity these backgrounds offer.  Probably in both flattened and layered form.  I`m just not sure that 20 images for $80 is going to do it.  Maybe offer them one at a time for download...And hey, since we are talking photography here, I must say you`ve a couple of great sunsets on your own profile!!!  R-
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    Definitely believe there is a niche somewhere in the home market for these type of backgrounds. With the print-photos-at-home market booming and digital camera advances, Scott is right that these type of backgrounds turn an ordinary photo into a nice keepsake that stands out. I believe the consumer market would eat these type of backgrounds up .... if, and a big if, photos can be dropped in easily and look as professional as he shows on the site -without a lot of high-end software (expensive). Plus, the pipeline would have to be fed continuosly with new designs and such. But there is definitely something here to massage and grow - IMHO.
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    On the other
    hand, what about offering some tutorials on the site? Maybe some
    downloadable eBooks? This seems to be a growing trend, and a way to
    make extra money, as well as to offer an added value.Great point!  Adding tutorials geared at the home user would be an awesome way to add value, giving them a reason to come back.  Plus, it makes you the expert to them...Thanks for bringing that up Craig!R-
    rossb2006-9-22 3:36:12
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    Lot`s of great info guys. I`m printing all of this off and as I get some time tonight, I hope to respond to many of these great points.
    Let me begin quickly by saying that photogrpahers wanting to use digital backgrounds are our focus not necessarily designers.
    And second, the home market has been one we`ve thought about but some of the logistics have been stumbling blocks.
    Great food for thought and I have to say, I love this web site!
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