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Documentary Spanning Nationwide

ProconProductionsProconProductions subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2009 in Startup Funding
Alright, I would like to do a documentary the would span the outter regions of the United States, going through mostly major cities: Tampa, Tallahassee, Atlanta, New York City, Philedelphia, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver etc...
It will not only have an underlying subject, but also consist of our journey by road to all these places.  My marketing strategy for funds so far, is to offer companies national advertising via, Documentary, Documentary Web-site, Youtube Road Blog, fliers, and even advertisements on the vehicle we will be taking...
I`m not nessesarily looking to make a profit off this, more so, attempting to just recieve enough funds to make the trip, i feel it would be a once in a life time opportunity.
At first i thought to target social networking sites, because the internet can be found nation-wide.  Does anyone have any advice or help, that could aid me in finding funding for this trip.  I am estimating the costs at somewhere around 3k-5k for the trip and filming.  However i am not sure as to whether that is a realistic estimate...
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