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Have you ever?

probusinessassistantprobusinessassistant subscriber Posts: 2
I am just taking a poll of sorts and wondering how many small business are using Virtual Assistants?  I originally started this business about 6 years ago and VA`s were a relatively new concept.  Now that I have restarted the business, I`m wondering how many of you actually use a VA for all of those pesky administrative tasks that you don`t have time or patience for? 
Any good or bad experiences?  I`d love to hear them.


  • AccentVAAccentVA subscriber Posts: 0

    Good question, Kristi!  I`ve wondered the same thing, and anxious to see the replies!

    AccentVA2007-8-30 13:36:13
  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    That`s funny that you are talking about VA. I was just talking to a stock trader who is raving about VA`s Another stock trader he knows in Washington DC showed him how to uses a VA now he wants one for his business to trade any where. He came to me because I work with mobile IT consulting. I showed him how VA can be used with mobile devices like PDA`s and Blackbeerys to access applications. He was impressed with that part of VA. I`m not to sure if I will get him as a client, but it shows that VA`s are getting more exposure to the enterprise community as a way to do business. I will let you know how are next meeting goes.
  • AccentVAAccentVA subscriber Posts: 0
    That`s good to know!  I find that my biggest obstacle is that SO MANY PEOPLE have never even heard of Virtual Assistants and when I tell them about it - they don`t understand. 
  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    We do! Lots of my past companies I worked for had them as well. It really helps field the calls, and handle misc. tasks. And when your talking about employees (pay, taxes, etc) thats ones less you have to deal with.
  • SandraPSandraP subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Kristi,
    At Team Double-Click we place VA`s for our clients and we have hundreds. Kim is right, a lot of people don`t understand but the industry is growing incredibly fast as we educate more people and the technologies to make it work are improving every day!
    Good luck and let me know if I can help!SandraP2007-8-31 13:53:46
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