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Acquiring Rights to Software Code

nubenube subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2006 in Grab Bag
I am currently in the process of acquiring the right to
software code from a software developer.  Does anybody know of a standard
contract that I could use for this to make it legally binding?


  • LordEmsworthLordEmsworth subscriber Posts: 0
    I was going to post that you should be able to find one but upon reflection, I am not so sure.  Try Legal Zoom and Bloomberg Excelsior.  If you cannot find one that fits the bill, contact me and we can draft one for you.
  • nubenube subscriber Posts: 2
    Wow, legalzoom is a great site.  I think I found a
    document that suits my needs:

    http://www.uslegalforms.com/prodpages/U ... tm|legalzo om

    Do you agree?  I am a little afraid of not having an attorney review the
    document to make sure it is legal and make sure I am not leaving anything out.  For example, since the deal is over the
    Internet, do I need to have him notarize his signature so that I know it is
    valid?  Can he fax the signed contract
    back to me or do we have to mail everything? 
    Should I keep the only official contract or should I send him a copy
    with both of our signatures?  Do I need
    to file the contract anywhere?

    One part that seems missing in the document is a place to
    put the price of terms of the agreement.Opinions are welcome.
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Nube,How important is your code, that you want to copy-right the code? Is it something that is not going to become extinct? obsolete? Are you constructing something different? how is it going to benefit everyone? What is so important about your code? If it`s html or something around those areas.... Don`t bother... It`s in the public domain and it would cost you more to keep track of the code and who is using it rather than profiting from your idea.. Besides.... Code is code.... Share with the world... I am all for Open Source...
  • nubenube subscriber Posts: 2
    Nube,How important is your code, that you want to copy-right the code?
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    its really up to the developer.. unless it was work for hire.. If you hired him to create it, then it`s yours and you can copy right it.. if not... Then... you can`t
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