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Top Short Term Traffic Strategys

mapguymapguy subscriber Posts: 3
edited January 2009 in Marketing
Hi all,
For those in need of a short term boost in traffic, I recommend two things-
1. Submit your startup to a social bookmarking site. The best for startups would be: www.MyKillerStartup.com
2. Upload a video to YouTube and promote the heck out of it.
Any other suggestions are welcome!mapguy11/22/2008 11:25 PM


  • AngelDoughAngelDough subscriber Posts: 0
    You can also look into an ad network and potentially buy $.01 per click traffic....Run Of Network (RON)....it may not be the most qualified traffic but nonetheless its traffic....
  • RetiredMember5RetiredMember5 subscriber Posts: 0
    Great suggestions.  Another great resource is our FREE entrepreneur guide for starting, operating and growing a business in today`s web 2.0 world.  It has been recommended by over a dozen government agencies.   Contains information as to how to build your web site, marketing, sales, corporate formation, and more.  Check it out.
  • ebootcampebootcamp subscriber Posts: 3
    I`d recommend writing one powerful article that`s packed full of a ton of value. I`d then submit it to at least one:

    article submission site (ezinearticles.com)
    social bookmarking site (digg.com)
    Create a press release about it (free-press-release.com)
    blog about it (wordpress.com)
    link to it in topic related forums
    tweet it (twitter.com)

    And don`t forget to Hurl Your URL! (Add your Web address to the article)
    All the best,

    Corey Perlman


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  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    linkbait...commonly known as "linkbaiting".  it is essentially writing to get attention. be controversial, push people`s buttons, write a really good how to article, solve a long standing problem.....do something that creates immediate attention and buzz. social bookmarkers will hit you left and write, engines will pick your content up and you will see your traffic spike overnight
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