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Help on Website

tpietrowskitpietrowski subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2007 in Website Critique
I have had this website for awhile and would like some feedback. I want to add maybe some more pictures or flash elements.
I am new at this and any help or suggestions is great! I want to change the way my company name is listed on the main page and cant figure this out. My colors for the business are burgandy,gray and black.
I wanted something modern and flashy... this is what I got. Any ideas? Thanks
 tpietrowski2007-1-19 0:25:2


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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    tpietrowski ,I took a look at yout web site, I like the colors you chose for your web site. But yes I agree with you, you do need a re-vamp. I am assuming you sell medical services such as billing, so having images people, (customer service, faq page, Listing of your services and a client base) would be nice. It would personalize your web site more. One suggestion avoid the flash, although it looks nice, it can hinder your business search engine ranking. But if used correctly it can be a gift. From the looks of your web site, it`s a template correct? Having a more personalized web site would definitely put you in the cutting edge. Add more content, images, and a different layout. Don`t get me wrong you are on the right path, just when I see the sides, it would be nice to have a thin (1pixel) Line outlining the web site. Right now it looks like it`s just hanging in the air. I also see that you have your admin login hyperlink "get rid of it" Fix the footer, and it would be nice to create a site map. The images on the bottom can come up, to the top or on the left. People are visual and want to see images. These are just some suggestions. I also took a look at your source code and although you do have keywords, try using Key Phrases along with your current keywords. Also avoid to much writing, you can actually create one more page with everything you have going on, on the web site.
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    ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Edgar nailed quite a few things, couple other items to think about -please don`t use <em> for all of the text on the pageavoid underlining text unless it`s a hyperlinkfeel the need to echo the call for a border of some sorthave someone make the images look more professionalkeep it simple - you`ve mostly done this already, your primary purpose is to give people a reason to contact you about your services, don`t complicate that with flash or a flashy site - focus on the end goal
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Chuck, I don`t think tpietrowski, knows that an <em> tag is. <em tags> are italizise But yeah.. That is another suggestion.
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    ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Sorry about that, I rush to provide feedback and forget about those things (they take on the properties of acronyms - you just assume everyone knows them - my bad!).But yes, I was saying that emphasizing all of the text makes it, in my humble opinion, difficult to read. A <em> tag that emphasizes text should be used sparingly, as appropriate (so that the emphasis really means something )
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    tpietrowskitpietrowski subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you, all your suggestions are excellent but I am dumb when it comes to this. I had a designer do this for me and then I played around with it.
    My first issue is my heading at the top, I really dont have a logo but this font is all wrong. I like the right side but thought maybe the pulse bars could move like they are working like on an EKG? Also the medical symbol was suppose to rotate.
    As far as wording, I have no idea what to put and what should be on the main page. I had somewhat of a slogan but it wasn`t catchy and too long "Large enough to service you, Small enought to know you".
    Alot of the MD`s dont get one-on-one with their billing companies and that is one thing that sets us apart from others. I didn`t put pictures of "people" on the website because they are not people I know or are affiliated with the company.
    What did you think about the affiliations on the bottom of the main page? This is a bonus for us since most billing companies don`t belong to these associations. I wanted people to be able to click on the associations image and be redirected to their website. I REALLY couldn`t figure this out!
    The other company was suppose to help with the wording and rephrasing and they didnt so I ended up with too much info and not enough emphasis on our "special" features to draw clients in.
    I was going to add pictures of the software program on the services page but I couldn`t shrink them to fit in the appropriate areas. I hate the contact page but that is what they had as a format.
    PLEASE...HELP ME! My clients are going to be referring me out and I want the most professional page I can get that`s cutting edge and stands out.
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    InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Craig, I haven`t laughed so hard in a while. [CookieMonster`s Jihad!]
    For the business owner:
    Web design is complex. It`s multi-disciplinary. If you can edit the site yourself, then you can make some of the changes suggested in previous posts. The advice given here is very good. Craig hit the nail on the head with his advice on changing your heading.
    You might try looking for copywriting articles on google.com.
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    gderniegdernie subscriber Posts: 1
    Here`s a couple of more sugguestions

    Un italicize the fonts
    Your header (Main image) should be some what dramatic for attention
    Services - should be labeled accross the top
    Service - Labeled on a left menu.
    Keep all likes underlined and Blue
    Add your contact infor to every page
    you can view my website as an example.  http://www.graphicdesign-s.com/</A>
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