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Can`t get coaching center started

tutorBusinesstutorBusiness subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2009 in Business Planning
I have advertised about coaching center in my area by distributing pamphlets.But the problem is that I don`t have any  batch right now so when a student inquires that when will it start,I tell them that there is no batch currently and it may take 2 weeks.I guess they join somewhere else since there are many such centers in my area.So I have not had any success in getting even a single student.
Please advice that should I join as a local tutor in some coaching center  near by and make my name as a good teacher or keep struggling to start my own?
Me and my friend have also launched an online tutoring website recently but that will take time to be listed by major search engines.We have been trying article marketing for its promotion.I am waiting for potential visitors to come by.I know I am good and I can really teach well.But I don`t have so much money that I can do costly advertisements or rent a big space for my coaching center.
Thank you,


  • BizOptimizerBizOptimizer subscriber Posts: 1
    Different products require different sales techniques.  They don`t sell Kirby Vacuums in Sears because they won`t sell sitting beside a $79 hoover that does as much or more.  They require a more hard sell.  All these MLMs wouldn`t exist if they could put the product on the shelf at Walmart.
    Maybe it is your pitch - maybe it is who you are pitching to.  You can`t educate people on what you do - you have to sell them.  You have to create and get the right message to the right people.  Who have you coached - what was their success - did you tell that story, or educate your prospect?
    When a roofer wants to take another roofer`s business from a builder - they will sometimes GIVE away the first job to show they will do it better - they will do it more reliably.  But however your message is delivered, the customer must be able to see the value they will recieve for their money.
    Good luck,
  • tutorBusinesstutorBusiness subscriber Posts: 1
    BizOptimizer, Thank you for your advice.I will keep that in mind.
    Craig, Yes my website is mainly for one on one online tutoring and homework assistance.It is basically for International students because not many Indian students know about learning online or not all of them have access to internet 24x7.I want to reach out the local people near my area who require science and math coaching/ tutoring  service.
    Yes by batch I mean a  group of  at least 6-8 students of same grade.I have now decided to advertise in a different locality.Lets see.
    At the same time I am also trying to promote my website.But I don`t know how much time it will take to be listed in google/yahoo search results.
  • tutorBusinesstutorBusiness subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Craig,
    The thing with online tutoring is that the customer is not visible to me physically. For example if you say you want to sell something, your physical gestures give away certain sign which the potential buyer can pick up and get more relaxed while you are talking about your product, unfortunately this is not the case with online tutoring.
    With local, I can reach out more i believe and can call upon the potential buyers of my services. Having a person present physically helps but its the service that matters which i can assure is very good that I wish to provide.
    As for market research, I`ve done some of it and it is interesting to note that i`m not the only one trying to start a business in my locality, there are plenty more successful running coaching classes centers here. The difference is that these centers usually take up as many students as they possibly can, which really isn`t what the people want as the tutor then can`t focus enough. I`ve heard there have been more than 20 students in a class also in some of them!
    The thing with students is they don`t wish to try out a new person. I don`t blame them but i just don`t get the point that why do they want to study from some one who can`t even pay 100% attention to their problems! I genuinely want to help these kids but as I`m a good teacher and currently NOT a good salesman(:P) i`m finding this hard.
    The new session here would start in in July, exams are already over and results are about to be declared. So currently there`s no service for exam cramming, but that`s a good idea and I`ll surely like to see it working when the time comes next year.
    Having a tutoring center doesn`t require a license or certification, although I do need to register it as a business. There`s no certification also of that sort here in my country so this option is out.
    All I want is that first student, so any other advice that you`ve for me for the current circumstances? I`m now considering advertisement using TV medium and they would advertise it on local cable.
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