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My situation

pp0113pp0113 subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2007 in Business Planning
Hello everyone,
Im a Chinese, I`ve just graduated from a master`s programme of business in Sweden. I just tell you my situation here, can anybody help me to analyse how can I make full use of my resources, and of course cooperations are welcomed. 
What I have,
Education, knowledge, experience ^_!
Contacts all over the world, both Chinese of non-Chinese,
Export and import rights from China,
Fund of ten thousand US dollars.
Im looking for sincerely partner who can help me, and cooperate with.


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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    Opportunities are endless. What are your areas of interest?

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    pp0113pp0113 subscriber Posts: 1
    Im looking for the right goods to deal with. which products do you think, we chinese have the most advance, or which are those products you feel really expensive, and need to import from China.
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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    You don`t have unlimited resources to start with. That calls for a great deal of caution and deliberation. You have to remember that this is not a once in a lifetime decision. Hopefully that will lessen some of the pressure.

    The Sloan brothers are always preaching "life plan before business
    plan." What type of life do you wish to live? Fast paced with a lot of
    international travel or a  more relaxed life? Having just
    graduated from college in Sweden, I take it you`re in Europe right now.
    Where do you want to live, Europe, China, U.S., somewhere else?

    We live in an era where people from all parts of the world now live in
    other parts of the world. Is there anything that people from Asia
    cannot find where they live in the US or Europe, and would gladly pay a
    premium to obtain?

    No one can answer the questions you ask for you. You have to answer
    them for yourself. The best we can do is throw out ideas which we`re
    happy to do. The answers have to come from you. Otherwise when it gets
    difficult, and it will get difficult, it will be too easy to doubt what
    you`re doing.
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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    Contacts all over the world, both Chinese of
    non-ChineseThis one item might be the key to a new business! No
    doubt there are lots of companies who want to do business in China but
    don`t know or where to start. Do you have, or can you gain, the
    contacts necessary to act as a consultant helping established
    businesses gain a foothold in China? This would not require a fixed
    office. With as little as business cards, a professionally designed
    website, e-mail address and a cell phone you could be in business.
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