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magictimemagictime subscriber Posts: 1
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We all know that life takes us away from what is in front of us. We walk by daily without smelling the roses, so to speak. No matter what it is, we seem to miss it, until it`s not there. That brings me around to what I do. My company is newly launched and took a year to put together. It was years in the making with lots of knoweldge thrown my way. I have merely  began with one thing I am teaching. What I teach is basic, but it is lost. It is like the flower we see, but don`t take the time to smell how delightful it is. Couples today are so caught up in work, money issues, families that are two income and we forget about each other. Hence: divorce or break-ups, if not married. Why not try and find ways to rebuild and think about something other than work, home and the daily life issues? How many of you are laughing right now and nodding, because you know what I am talking about? Even I have been in that situation and I am nodding right now, along with you. I am looking for people of all walks of life to reach out to and have them reach out to me. I want so much to keep helping relationships and finding ways to bridge gaps, strengthen, and enhance them with fun, spice and old fashioned romance that we all have  within us and know, but simply forget. I need YOU to help me, help you, or a friend of yours, or whomever it is you know that needs a gentle tap on the shoulder or a reminder of what they already know. No one should have to wake up and say: oh no, it`s too late. I should have done this or that. We miss what we no longer have or maybe, don`t realize what we have and how great it is until it is gone. It is one of life`s simple pleasures; the one you love or hope to love. That is why I am here. I have helped many and have spoken to (mostly men) of all walks of life. Now, I want to hear from you; men and women. What is going on in your relationship? I`m not licensed (almost got there, but got so burnt out in college, I needed a break), but thinking about going back. I do have a BS in psychology. I do have a "sixth sense" about me that just knows, so I listen and run with it and am usually right on track. We all have gifts and that seems to be mine (sorry, may not sound humble. Just trying to make a point). My company is a start up and I will be doing more on ways to spice up relationships and just reach out and help. How I will do that, is yet to unfold. I have some ideas, but need more and that is where you come in. Help me to help you and offer what you want and/or need.
Meanwhile, make it a great day and do something small to reach out and touch the one you love or like a lot. (ex: pick a flower, leave a message of sweet nothing, or buy a card and mail it to them, even if you are coming home that night. What a surprise!) Then, see the reciprocal gift in return. Even if it is a warm smile, bet that is the best smile you will have seen and it will warm your heart in a way you  forgot could be warmed.....
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