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Any Advice, Much Appreciated

pmpkdbinvestpmpkdbinvest subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2008 in Selecting a Business
Hi everyone,
 I`ve had a couple ideas for businesses that I would like some input on. The first business that I have thought about is a trash hauling service, but not your ordinary service like the ones that remove trash and take to waste dumps..ect. I was thinking about one that is really very simple. Advertising to take peoples garbage to the curb for them and putting there trash bins/barrels back for them. It would have to be a route job since different areas have different trash days, but never the less simple enough. My theory behind this is simply just because of the lazy society we live in today, not to mention who really enjoys putting out there trash to the curb on cold winter days or after the holidays when they have loads of trash, or maybe even the elderly where it`s just to much of a chore for them. I think you can prob see what I`m getting at. The problem I`m having is would it really be profitable? or would it turn out to be more trouble than what it`s worth? or is it just a stupid idea to begin with? I though of this idea after watching the local news one day and saw a college student who had started going around to other dorms and doing their laundry for a servive. It turns out it became big business for him and It makes plenty of sense, everybody want`s simplicity in there life and they`re willing to pay for it too. Please any advice would be greatley aprreciated. Now, as if the first one wasn`t long enough. The second business I have thought about is a delivery service. I`m from Boston and coffee is big business around here. Anyone who`s from around here knows how long those lines can be inside and out at a Dunkin`s or where ever your cup of choice might be from. How about a delivery service that will bring your coffee,muffin...etc right to your door. I don`t think there would be much overhead involved, some warmers,coolers and obv a vehicle. I don`t want to drag this one out to long, but again I`m basing this all on how much people want the quick lazy mans fix and are willing to pay for it. Anyway that`s it for me, feel free to pound me into the cement with any advice. Also if anyone happens to think these might be very good ideas and would like to pursue a partnership all options are open. Thank you for your time.


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