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Web Developer Portfolio

RobotN1XONRobotN1XON subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2011 in Website Critique
Hi i'm a student web developer and this is my portfolio: www.tomsfolio.me. At the moment I am trying to apply for internships as part of my degree, so the main focus of my website is looking professional and employable.
It only has 3 pages: Home, Contact, and Portfolio; the other being my CV.
My inspiration for the design came from when i made myself a business card for the hell of it, and realized i could adapt it into a better looking portfolio for myself. Compared to the other web design stuff I have done, I personally think it's the best.
I should also note that I'm a web developer, not a designer. This means that I'm better at coding than design, so in terms of web design, i'm pretty much self-taught, except for being taught how to write html and css.
I find that with design, I am completely incapable of looking at my web designs as anything other than the creator, so i find it hard to critique my own sites or judge them as a visitor.
I am open to all and any critique, though constructive criticism is especially welcome
I should also note that after having some problems with making my website compatible to IE, at the moment it only supports Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Thank you in advance.


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