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Open Online Learning - The next BIG thing

NVArchitectNVArchitect subscriber Posts: 12
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The tsunami like impact of new application releases on the internet is beginning to sweep through education and learning with climactic effects. Our past educational paradigm (way of thinking) is now in the midst of a great crisis because its structures and processes shackle it to a system that whilst relevant for the 20th century industrial age is fast becoming irrelevant to the global/information age of the 21st.


Like Albert Einstein said”

“We can`t solve problems by using the


kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

 so the new paradigm in education (open – online learning) will require individual innovators and entrepreneurs to step in and exploit what I believe to be one of the fastest growth industries of the early part of the 21st century.


Let me give you a few numbers to demonstrate the size of the market that is about to be formed in open-online learning. Currently only 22% of the planet is connected to the internet. The remaining 78% or 4,500,000,000 people yet to log on are going to have an insatiable appetite for learning. In English speaking India alone it is predicted that 500 million new people will log on to the internet within the next few years. This is more that twice the number that are currently logged on in the USA. …. and their first demands = low cost online learning on everything.

And the good news, they won`t be looking for the expensive structured institutional courses but want to learn from people with know-how, specialist expertise, uncommon knowledge and unique experiences ... like you. It is the democratization of learning where we all get to contribute to the global `body of knowledge` and not just the academic elite.


So how can individual entrepreneurs exploit this opportunity? Well by using the tools already available.


Firstly, write a Knol. A Google project designed to help you make money sharing what you know. The more you write the greater your potential for passive income through the adsense scheme and the best way to establish your credentials. 


, create your own college offering courses in the things you know most about. Google Knol lets you link to your course to help drive traffic. For this I would go to Myicourse.com. They have all the tools to help you make money by designing a course about things you know lots about … and its free to use.


Thirdly, if you don’t think you have specialist knowledge on something then team up with someone that does and help them to do the two steps listed above for a slice of the action. If you are a teacher … good. If not maybe try and link up with one.


To get the full story on the ‘next big thing’ click on my Knol below ...

Open Online Learning


NVArchitect11/8/2008 1:46 AM


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