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Commuter hotel - Bangkok International Airport

simon43simon43 subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2013 in Elevator Pitches
(Short summary)
This British entrepreneur has lived in Thailand since 2002. He wishes to construct a small (20-room) hotel close to the new international airport at Bangkok and seeks 100,000 pounds sterling to cover capital start-up costs, in return for a % of the annual profits. over 1 15 or 30-year term. He has previously self-financed a similar (and profitable) hotel at Phuket International Airport.
This British entrepreneur emigrated to Thailand in 2002, after 15 years of successful consultancy/management within the telecoms sector. In 2006, he self-financed the construction of a 10-room hotel at Phuket International Airport. This hotel is located within minutes of the airport and the nearby beach. Since opening in 2006, the hotel has achieved an average annual room occupancy of 75%, and this is steadily increasing due to careful management, good customer service, successful internet marketing and customer feedback/reviews. (The hotel is rated at number 18 out of 242 hotel on the island of Phuket.) Annual profitsHe now wishes to duplicate this success by building a similar `resort` hotel near to the new international airport at Bangkok. Although there is a on-site Novatel hotel (400 rooms), the level of passenger traffic through this `hub` airport can certainly justify the provision of additional off-site hotels, especially a smaller `boutique` hotelIn particular, the applicant recognises that many airport travellers prefer to stay in a relaxed, `family` hotel, but one which offers business facilities such as free wifi internet, free airport transfers. For his existing hotel in Phuket, the applicant has provided a small resort with swimming pool and gardens, yet the hotel meets the needs of those guests who still need to keep in touch with their office etc.For the proposed Bangkok Airport hotel, the applicant has located suitable building land which is rentable on a 15 to 30 year term, and is able to use the same building company who constructed his Phuket hotel.It should be emphasised that the applicant is very familiar with the potential pitfalls of running a business in Thailand and he has been able to minimise any business risks through careful structuring of his existing business.The applicant is looking for funding to offset the capital costs of the hotel buildings, and offers a % of the business profits in return. A `hands-off` investor(s) is sought, since the applicant will manage the venture on a day-to-day basis with his existing (and new) hotel staff.


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