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Need help. Trying to sell through major retail company

FranklyFrankly subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2006 in Sales

I have developed, prototyped and filed patent application for a product that is currently being sold through an online and catalog specialty products firm. However, to reach the full potential of the product I am trying to establish business relationship with larger retail companies like RadioShack, Discovery and others, hopefully before the holiday season rush. Many of these companies, Discovery in particular, have non-helpful call in lines that ask how they may redirect your call and then refuse to do so, even when one of their VPs provided the contact information. I`ve followed their instructions for new product introduction but can not even get a critique on their evaluation. RadioShack on the other hand says their response will take 6 weeks to process, and not a day less.
Big Companies? Go figure.
Any one know how I can streamline these interfaces, or am I wasting time with them.  I predict their revenue from my product will exceed $3.5 million, but time is a wasting.


  • EricEric subscriber Posts: 8

    hopefully before the holiday season rushBig Companies? Go figure.

    Frankly. Big companies are like big ships they don`t move quickly, they don`t stop on a dime but they do move forward slowly and surely. You may have considered Radio Shack`s recent sales decrease and subsequent stock downturn and how that may affect their ability to readily absorb new products without being reviewed at every level. This does take time. Lot`s of time.
    Don`t be disappointed if you don`t get an immediate answer. Be persistent but also be patient and maximize your sales with the smaller and more responsive outlets. Success there will mean more to the "Big Guys" than any of your sales projections. If upon final review they deny your product I`m sure they will give you good reasons why that you will be able to address and hopefully act upon to improve your chances the next time around.
    I can`t say that I`m not interested in learning what your product is. Very mysterious.
  • friendsfirlifefriendsfirlife subscriber Posts: 4
    Another route you might consider os trade shows.  I don`t know the specifics of the electronics industry (I assume that is where your procuct is since you talk of Radio Shack), but generally buyers from major companies go to all the big trade shows to see what`s new and interesting.  It`s not a cheap route to go - we are doing a major pet industry trade show next month where the booth alone costs almost $2,000 - but it can give you contact and access to many more companies at the same time and you are sure to be talking to the people who are actually in the job of looking for new products.
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