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New Name...New Start to a Website

philscott35philscott35 subscriber Posts: 10
edited February 2007 in Business Planning
So after me and my fiance sat down with all the names you guys/girls came up with and some of our very own we settled on Kreature Kingdom, there is a Pet Store around this area called Creature Comforts and it is a very successful private owned pet store business so I don`t think having Kreature in the name will hurt our business.
I purchased a some web space and started last night working on the very start of the page which now is made up of the name and some pictures which I plan on adding more to tonight, check it out let me know any advice you have for the site.
I came up with the idea to contact my uncle who can screenprint t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, etc. for me and I`m going to sell those items on my site to help build my startup costs, I was thinking of using the idea that the clothes are for the startup for that "healthy" and "clean" pet store that everyone looks for. I`m going to market that idea and ask people to buy the things to help stop the franchises that treat animals like garbage and help start a shop where animals are treated with the same or even more respect as humans are.
Let me know what you think of my idea...Hope everything works out well so I can have this business starting on its path in maybe a little over a year.


  • philscott35philscott35 subscriber Posts: 10
    What if I were to change it to seeing how kreaturekingdom.com is taken...
  • philscott35philscott35 subscriber Posts: 10
    I just registered a domain name with Microsoft Live
  • philscott35philscott35 subscriber Posts: 10
    Well my basis on Franchises treating their animals horribly is the fact that we have both a Pet Depot and PetSmart in our area and I hear and see mostly bad things. These companies hire kids that care about nothing but the paycheck most of the time and handle and care for the animals in the wrong way.
    These are not accusations, this is research and things that I have heard from plenty of people and from the other small business pet stores in my area.
  • HPSHPS subscriber Posts: 1
    Phil-Cartess makes some very important points here. I would also like to suggest that you do an informal pole with people you know and bounce your name idea by them. Ask them for their honest opinion about your business name than ask them to write it as if they were typing in the URL. Based on your results you will both validate your name and feel good about it or back to the drawing board.I also recommend working with a professional web developer.Regards,Howard
  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    After reading everything about what you plan to do with your business. I can only say that you seem to want to do something with pets that is giving them a good life am I right? If so then that is how you should build not only your business and your site make that your unique selling point for not only your customers but for anyone looking for a socially aware business. Don`t get hung up on the name Whether its Kreature Komforts or not. I just finished a site that was doing nothing for six months over a name that the owner lost. So don`t let that stop you. I am now working on a community site that will help young boys become men. Don`t over analyze what your are doing that`s what I tell my clients on website strategy. You have a good idea with a good direction. You know what your site should reflect. As the commerical say`s "Just Do It". 
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