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Startup offer

PhilippKnollPhilippKnoll subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2008 in Business Planning
I just found your forum and am glad to be here! I need a little advice plus have something of value to offer to fellow startups.
After running a webdesign company for serveral years I want to try something new now. That is why I set up www.philippknoll.com
It is not a webdesign site, so it has no flashy graphics to it.

The purpose of the site is to help people to get their own online business started.

I try to do so in two ways:1)
I posted an offer! I will set up a complete business website, for anyone willing to contact me, for only $100. All features included, no strings attached!2)
I try to help people for free by posting qualitative articles on how to start and promote their online business successfully.
I`d be interested in your opinion. What do you think about my approach and the $100 project?It would really help if you could afford the time to check out my site to let me know what I probably should work at.
Also I just started a blog contest: www.philippknoll.com/win-a-free-website
Anyone in need of a free business website can join in. Simply subscribe to my rss feed by email using the subscription form at my website.
The prizes are two business websites set up for free!If you decide to subscribe only for the articles I am more than happy to have you on board.
Looking forward to your responses,
Philipp Knoll
PhilippKnoll7/28/2008 6:27 PM


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    tdmcmgrtdmcmgr subscriber Posts: 0
    I think your website is great.  I`ll pass it on to my clients who are looking to start a business.  Your website concept would be a great vehicle for showing customers how they can also raise capital from their website.  Check out my signature.
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    PhilippKnollPhilippKnoll subscriber Posts: 1
    Hallo Jim,
    Thanks for your reply to my post. I`d be happy for you to pass my offer on to your clients.
    Showing my customers how to not only get a website online but actually run it proberly is what I am up to. There are so many great tool out there. I learn about new ones almost every day.
    Your fundraiser 1.0 looks looks very interesting. I will check out the site again later.
    Best wishes,
    Philipp Knoll
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