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What hiring tools do you use?

phantomindeeaphantomindeea subscriber Posts: 3
Monster? Craigslist? A combination of several? I know it can vary, depending on the field you need to hire from.


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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I use craigslist, seems like folks in the field i am looking to fill browse there often. Also I ask around, mention to folks what I am looking for incase they may come across someone that would be a good fit. The local paper never seems to get a great bunch for us.
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    ErinHattawayErinHattaway subscriber Posts: 2
    Hello!  When I did the hiring for our startup- some of the sites like Monster were so expensive.  Usually there`s a state run website were you can get info on local people- and depending on what kind of hiring you`re looking to do- local universities have been a great place to find people, too.  We find engineers just out of school- and we`re never at a loss for admins and writers.  Students/fresh graduates can be inexperienced, but they`re also young, hungry, and eager to buy into your venture.  Keeps things fresh
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    MrbusinessMrbusiness subscriber Posts: 8
    Yes monster is expensive.  You can try my job board at Mployd.com or craigslist.  I also find that local papers not the large daily ones works well you find more interested employees.
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