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the Second Marriage Cooperative

TapjosephTapjoseph subscriber Posts: 6
edited November 2007 in Business Planning
Hi again,I wanted to provide you with an over view of the GEoA Model`s application with a lower pain (cost) level.  - the Second Marriage Cooperative is $9.95 vs. "Let`s Cooperate!" at $1495. http://www.financetechnologycooperative ... ge-what.ht mIf you like the concepts here, you can go to the "Lets Cooperate" book for more foundation of your business startup model.I authored both books and "2nd Marriage" shows the process of starting up a new venture, called marriage, cooperatively.I wrote it to show any person that the method of addressing any new venture, especially pre marital asset allocation,  may  be as important as the final outcome.  The premise of my writing is that a more inclusive and cooperative approach to discussing the effort may be better in creating a sustainable venture, than say a confrontational prenuptial effort only.After I wrote "2nd" some believed it really could apply to any new venture`s effort to bring together a startup. - so, although it may be the less descriptive version of the book which is priced higher (and which has more stories for illustration of why the GEoA cooperative model is so powerful), it may help you start up a better venture.Also, I found personally that approaching my fiancee with this cooperative approach was much easier and she enjoyed it much more than the stories of prenuptial conversations we had heard about from our friends.  enjoy!


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