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Looking for WordPress site owners

ValidizeValidize subscriber Posts: 1
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Hello Community,
I`m reaching out the community in search of private beta testers for the Validize service.  Validize is a Digital Identity Confirmation Platform and service
that creates a safe and trustworthy experience for online users and
site owners. Validize provides a secure service that validates, without a doubt,
a person’s personal information and credentials. Validize can easily be
integrated into any website. This simple solution solves the problem of
trusted online interactions and generates credibility to your site’s
content.If you`re a WordPress, Drupal, or MovableType site owner, join us with the beta testing.  It`s completely free to site owners and up to 25 one year membership accounts for your users.  Please visit www.validize.com for additional information.Thanks much,


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    ValidizeValidize subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Heather & C.F.,
    C.F. - a demo site is now available and can be found at http://ironface.validize.com.  I beleive a beta invitation has been sent to you which would also give you  free accounts to use.Heather - responding to your question above, Validize is working towards making the internet a safe and trustworthy for online users.  The solution we provide benefits both your site and the users interacting in it.  When you "V-Enabled" your site, you will allow Validize users to enable and use their Validize badge on your site to reveal they are who they said they with their interaction.  The users can select to reveal within the badge ONLY their verified data.  Some examples of uses:Personal use:Dating sites - to show you can be trusted and standout amongst other candidates.eCommerce - If you`re selling something from Craiglist, you can show reveal that you`re a real person that users can trust and that they won`t be scammed.Perfessional use:Financial Advisors - when they interact online via a post, blog, or commenting on a post to provide financial advice, the user would like to know that they are a licensed financial advisor and/or have credentials to back their interaction and be credible.Business use:Businesses are battling daily to manage their online reputation from impersonators and even their own employees.  With the Validize solution, consumers can identify real representatives that`s appointed by the company to interact on their behalf.  These are short descriptions but do let me know if you have other questions.  Also, we will have the joomla plugin ready in the next few months.  We are gearing up to launch the Business/Non-Profit service in the coming weeks.Thanks,Peter.
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