PR 0 Site Outranks a PR 4 Site

Applause14Applause14 Posts: 2subscriber
Here`s a extremely little but highly effective method for doing this.
Easy: Name pages on your site (the title) after specific search words you want or if you have high competition, pick the lesser used search words.
Example: (a colleague`s site):
Google for "Electos" and see if you can find "Redeemed Hosting" (it takes a bit).
Now, Google for "Electos Tools" and bingo!  It`s the name of a page of his.
He has a PR of zero. and... outranks the manufacturer of the product here.
Here`s how I discovered it:
I had a page on my site named "Free Visual DataFlex" and until the manufacturer discovered this I came up first over 80,000 sites offering Visual DataFlex related sites.  Now, I come up third or so. "Applause Software". (I have a PR of 3 btw).
It`s just a short bit of advice, but I hope it will help someone!


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