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Image Copyright Question

PaullieWalnutsPaullieWalnuts subscriber Posts: 1
Hey all,
Is there any consequence to using images found in places like Google Images, and posting them to a few of your blog entries? Do you HAVE TO take your own shots or use public domain?
Example: You`ve probably all seen pictures of this really gross-looking dog. Suppose that I wrote a daily entry about ugly dogs... could I post this picture amongst the text (Warning: it`s pretty gross if you haven`t seen it)?
I appreciate any assistance and I do apologize if I have this in the wrong section.


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    pictures (or any content) you find on the web are not free to use..although people do.
    Unless an image says it is free to copy, you best bet is to email the website owner to ask to use it.
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    ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    your safest bet is to add a tag line under the image telling people who owns it and where you got it. Like "Courtesy of Google Images, copyrighted by (name/wesbite, etc)" You gotta give props to the people that took it and hosted it.
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    PaullieWalnutsPaullieWalnuts subscriber Posts: 1
    Good info, guys. Thanks for the insight!
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    One reason copyright issues occur is for one reason... Money.The person who took the photo, wrote the song, or drafted the copy wants to get paid. I don`t blame them.If you are making money by using other people`s content, then it is important to get permission and/or arrange payment for using other`s content.Whether making money by using other`s content or not, it is always illegal to use content you did not completely create on your own.You may possibly sidestep a lawsuit by an angry content creator by placing credit (in text or with a link) in an easy to find location on your web page. ToddF`s suggestion is a good suggestion but will not remove you from the possibility of a lawsuit. However it is likely the owner of the copy written material will give you the opportunity to correct it, if they  notice you attempted to give credit where credit is due.Good luck!
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    love777love777 subscriber Posts: 13
    What if it`s a picture that I have taken from my own camera but is of a place of business? Let`s say I am at a venue for a wedding and want to post venue pictures??? Thank you.
    For instance so many people post their pictures from their vacation on tripadvisor. Pictures of the hotel, the room etc. love7772007-9-21 10:6:36
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    john146john146 subscriber Posts: 0
    General rule I learned some time back.. if the image is of a public place, or
    people in a public place, and the purpose of the image is "reporting," no
    problem. If the image is for "advertising" you probably need permission. The
    definitions of reporting and advertising are interesting as well. In print
    publications, for instance, the images illustrating a cover story are
    "reporting" or "editorial," while the cover photo is "advertising." The idea
    being that the cover photo is designed to get you to pick the magazine up
    off the newsstand.

    Don`t know if this helps.
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