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Searching for a spine

Pac24Pac24 subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2008 in Selecting a Business
Hi, my name is Paul. I`ve wanted to start a business for a few years now, but I just can`t seem to get over the fear. I`m 47 years old and in an absolute dead-end job and would like to start a bookkeeping business. I already own the software and have taken a few courses in Accounting. Although I don`t have a degree, I`ve worked in the field for over 20 years so it shouldn`t be a problem..........right? Yet when I get ready to try and drum up business, the thought that someone might actually call and be interested in engaging my services grips me with fear and I don`t act. The fact that nobody would be interested doesn`t seem to bother me, so fear of failure seems out. Am I just short on confidence, afraid of the unknown, or destined to be a wage slave? Any suggestions/observations would be appreciated.
Pac249/3/2008 12:04 AM


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    cmulharecmulhare subscriber Posts: 0
    oh my, it seems that yes there is some fear of success. although maybe another item to ponder is: the sheer idea of being the boss, and the idea of running a business. compare that to just being a cog in the vast wheel of many within the place you are presently. again: difference between running a business & just part of the wheel at a company. a mighty big difference. as well as different parts of the brain being used (one easily on auto-pilot vs. the other s huge to stretch to fathom).
    many folks will truly want and desire to go off on their own. yet for so many years they have been under the guise of following the leader. being or following when to come into work, when to have lunch, when to leave, etc. now its your turn to call the shots. funny since many are so used to following. different skills to use in that brain.
    the more thoughtful idea to go down might be-what are the feelings and thoughts that stop you from getting what you want. strange that it may seem, how was childhood, and what patterns are you still holding unto even in the present time? because we can often times hold unto certain patterns from our childhood and carry them into the work force and into personal freedom, called-being our own boss.
    you mentioned your age, as if that could be a deterrent to really getting what you truly want. although i might ponder it being more of old father time attempting to claim some old myth you are holding unto. like teaching an old dog a new trick.....
    there is even the sheer notion of claiming lack of experience. sorry to bust your bubble here, but henry ford had only at most a high school education as the major force of thinking was college bound in the company he founded. yet-he was still able to find the right folks who had the expertise to excel him to stardom.
    there is no excuse to get what you want. there does not seem to be any real excuse for not getting the company off the ground or up and running and making money for you. other than just one cause or fault. that would be just one source. you. yes , only you can stop the momentum of what you want.
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    Pac24Pac24 subscriber Posts: 1
    I was hoping to find a little motivation when I posted. I`ve received so much more than that in your insightful posts. I`ve lost sight of why I wanted to start a business of my own, and why I`ve had enough of working for someone else. After reading what you`ve had to say, I look at my original post and realize I need to get started NOW, before I become more deeply entrenched in the "corporate mindset". Craig, you are so right about the "credibility" issue. I`ve bought into the very system that I want so much to break free from! I`m resolving today to: 1. Write a good business plan, with my mission statement clear and evident. 2. To see other businesspeople like myself. Someone who has started a business and is seeking my services, not interviewing me for a job. 3. To stop focusing on what employers look for, and start focusing on what a potential client is looking for. Then use the talent that I do have, to fill that need. 4. To evaluate my thought process, and see how I can devlop and nurture a more entrepreneurial mindset. 5. Read "The Alchemist."
    I wanted to thank you guys so much for your help. I wish each of you success in your personal endeavors!
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    Pac24Pac24 subscriber Posts: 1
    Tee. I know for sure it`s not a fear of failure. I`ve fallen on my face so many times that I don`t care if it happens again. I`ll just pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again. (Apologies to Frank Sinatra.) Craig nailed it when he said it`s a credibility issue. I have heard so many times how I`m just not good enough for the promotion, raise, bonus, better job etc,  for no other reason than my lack of a degree. I`m not putting having a degree down, because I really, really, really wish I had one. But I should get one now just to prove to the morons I work for that I`m worthy of something? I know I need to break away from the corporate world because I just can`t stand living in this box that`s been created for me. Christopher (the life coach) was right when he said that I no longer believed in self made people. I lost sight of what was really important. Instead of concentrating on fulfilling clients needs, I became worried about how I was going to replace my current income. Wage slave mentality, huh? So I began to see the entrepreneurs I had wanted to service as my next boss, not someone with a need that I could fulfill. With an attitude like that, why would anyone want to engage my services anyway? And there you have my dilemma in a nutshell. If I knew in my heart that I had the wrong attitude, any potential client would see it as well, and I would be exposed and naked to the world. (I think Craig`s stage fright analogy fits here.) So now I want to do something that I love (bookkeeping, accounting), which a bunch of fools who can`t see their hands in front of their faces (my employers) won`t let me do at the level I`m capable of, for business owners who hate it (is that possible?), but will trust me to do it for them. I want to close by saying that I`m thankful to all of you for your indulgence, insight, suggestions and advice. You make this is an excellent forum!
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    MrLiquidityMrLiquidity subscriber Posts: 2
    Paul -
    The most successful entrepreneurs often fail a few times before they really "make it."  I used to fear failure in the worst way...and then I failed miserably in the restaurant business.  My worst nightmare had come true. 
    The depressing debacle lasted about two years, but once it was all over, my other business started thriving.  I was able to take everything that I learned from the biz failure and apply the lessons.  Haven`t looked back since. 
    Everyone misses sometimes.  Tiger Woods has horrible golf shots sometimes...but imagine if that kept him from playing golf at all!  
    There are people who need your services.  Take a few swings and see what happens!  I bet you`ll hit some holes in one, and bet that you will miss lots of shots, too; but the only true failure lies in not trying at all. 
    Success is determined at sunrise, not sunset.  If you can believe in yourself, you have already accomplished more than most other people!
    Food for thought: the following people filed bankruptcy before their rise to success:
    Walt Disney
    Milton Hershey
    M.C. Hammer
    Larry King
    Wayne Newton
    The list could go on and on, but you get the point.  We live in a great country where even the worst possible financial scenario is not the end of the world. 
    Hope this helps a bit! 
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    MichaelStoneMichaelStone subscriber Posts: 0
    Let me start by saying what you actually fear is likely much less painful than gathering the courage to ask strangers to help you overcome your fear. 
    To Steve`s point.  It`s not about overcoming fear as much as it is abou makig positive changes in your life.  Positive personal change can only come afer forgiveness.  What I would suggest is that you are doing the best you can.  In fact, you are doing the best you can 100% of the time, based on your beliefs and your instincts regarding your current circumstances.  Once you acknowledge the truth in that statement, you will find it easier to forgive yourself, and then make positive changes in the direction of your goals.
    You should realize that there are people in your market that are in the exact place you are, trying to gather their courage to ask for help with their bookeeping.  Your successful business can bring value and joy to the lives of others worth much more than what you would require for payment. 
    If you focus on the "service" of your services you will do fine. 
    Michael Stone


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