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Brand new; Need some guidance

42itus42itus subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2006 in Selecting a Business

Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum but like what I have been reading.
I awoke from a dead sleep a while back with an idea that I just can`t let go of. I was dreaming about the WWJD success and had this great idea.
I need to take the rough draft I have created and have it digitized. That is not a problem in my area. The sticky part is having shirts embroidered and other items created using this logo. Everyone around here is so expensive I do not see a way to be profitable.
I love the story behind the two brothers who created "Life is Good." Their story is a great success story that started very simply. They proved a strong message will sell and I have one!
I guess what I am asking is does anyone out there have any experience in this field. I believe in my heart that this could be huge if built correctly. Any advice would be appreciated.
 42itus2006-8-29 19:10:31


  • BedaoneBedaone subscriber Posts: 2
    Hello 42itus, I have much experience in the clothing biz, both embroidery and silk screen and their processes. I have a clothing company and it would help me to give you some ideas if I knew better what kind of #`s you`re working with. Are you working with polo`s or t-shirts, 6.0 oz. or 5.0? How big is the logo and how many stitches is it, what are you paying for your shirts and are you creating you`re own labels for the shirts? Give me a little more info and I may be able to provide you with some ideas....
  • 42itus42itus subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the quick reply. I just knew there would be some people on this forum with ideas.
    I haven`t got the idea to a graphic artist yet. We have been playing phone tag for weeks. The size of the final logo will be no more than three inches high. I want to start with high quality polo`s and longsleeve oxfords. T-shirts will come later, again high quality.
    Beyond shirts I want car magnets, static clings and a small lapel-type pin. Many of these will be marketed to churches for fund raisers.
    Again, thanks for the reply. It is greatly appreciated.
  • BedaoneBedaone subscriber Posts: 2
    Wow, Thats alot... When I started my clothing company I started in a similar way, by that I mean with alot of items, far to many for me. I saw in your last post you refered to high quality, im not such I understand that terminology. For example, I spent a couple thousand dollars ordering different materials because I wanted "high quality" as well. But I didnt know anything about the industry. For example 100 % cotton really doesnt mean anything, there are some many different types of cotton. First run, combed, brushed, preshrunk etc... just to name a couple. When you said the logo is 3 inches high, that can differ greatly. Is it a numereric number 7 or is it an american flag? This just shows how varied the stitch can be, obviously many more to make an american flag. The "fill" on the flag can be many, many stitches. Pins, magnets, stickers, and other similar items are really easy and usually really cheap. Shirts are a tough game in that it is so specific. I hate to make this hard for you, but its not easy and theres alot to learn and know. Be as specific as you can with me because the ideas we are talking about are very specific. And as a side bar have you trademarked your idea? 
  • 42itus42itus subscriber Posts: 1
    Wow!, looks like you`ve been around the block.
    By high quality I simply mean a good looking product that will hold up and provide the customer with a great value. Nothing is worse than ordering off the net and receiving junk.
    What I would like to do is keep in touch with you and as soon as the logo is complete I will send it to you for a quote. I have sent a copy of my rough draft to myself and it remains sealed. I will register with the trademark office later.
    Thanks again for your help.
    [email protected]42itus2006-8-29 10:2:26
  • BedaoneBedaone subscriber Posts: 2
    I absolutely agree in providing quality products for the consumer. You not only want them to buy an item from you but you want them to return and buy more and more. I am not an embroiderer (?) or silk screener. I own a company called bedawear (www.bedawear.com</A>). I started with what I believe to be a great idea with no knowledge of the industry. I didnt have anyone to guide me so I spent a few thousand dollars just learning the industry. Almost 5 grand for legal counseling on trademarks and copyrighting alone. Anything I can do to assisst you and help you along I`ll certainly give you my best. I dont claim to know everything, but Ive learned alot. Keep in touch and whatever I can do, let me know. Incedently, the trademark runs about $300. Go to the U.S Patent and Trademark website (by that name on google) and you can do it yourself. keep in touch and best of luck
  • 42itus42itus subscriber Posts: 1
    Great advice. As soon as I get the logo created I`ll send you a copy for your thoughts. You must have felt like I do now, that you are all alone with this great idea burning a hole in your mind?
    I took a look at your site, very professional!
  • 42itus42itus subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey, would you do me a favor? Take a look at this site and give me your opinion on what polo you would use, oxford, would you use this company?
    http://www.embroiderysuperstore.com/pro ... prodid=690</A>
    They include free digitizing and the embroidery is included in the posted price. This looks better than what I can get locally. I`m having a meeting Thursday with an artist. If we can get together on what I want I will email you my idea for your response.
    Paul42itus2006-8-29 17:33:26
  • ValienValien subscriber Posts: 7
    Noticed you are in Boiling Springs, SC. Near us Greer folk! I have a few friends in the design as well as the embroidery/silk screening industry here in the Upstate. If you are interested I can send you their information and see if you guys find a fit.
    Your idea sound intriguing.
  • 42itus42itus subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey Greer!
    That would be awesome. I would prefer to do business locally if possible. I would like to talk to your contacts as soon as I get the logo finalized. I work in Greer about 3 days every month. Just pop me off an email with their info. [email protected]
    Thanks for the info. Look forward to your reply.
     42itus2006-8-29 19:7:8
  • BedaoneBedaone subscriber Posts: 2
    42 havent forgotten have problems wth my laptop and wll get bac to you asap.Thought the materals were good but also thought cost was alot. My costs per unt are about the same as your large buys...get bac to you  soon...bedaone
  • BedaoneBedaone subscriber Posts: 2
    hello 42itus,
    Sorry for the delay, having a slight problem with technology (my computers all have different issues, hopefully fixed today). Anyway, I took a look at the website youre looking to get your products from and had a couple of comments. First, the good thing that I saw is that most of the polo`s are of higher quality like you wanted (ie: pique cotton is one of the best), as well as 6.0 oz. or better, a thicker, heavier shirt that will last longer. I didnt see alot of options or variety in their selection as far as 6.0`s, 6.1 oz. and higher. They seem to offer a bit of each but not alot. I didnt see many of other high quality materials (ring-spun cotton, brushed or combed cotton etc..) in their listings. Lastly, their pricing looked a little high. I get for less. The quantity ordering is about what I pay per piece so they appeared a bit high. A few other things for you to consider are will they give you bulk pricing per piece for your first couple of sample runs with them and are you producing your own labels? If you are producing your own labels, you must also consider how the shirts you buy are already labled. Check out this site https://www.broderbros.com/cgi-bin/broderliv/index.htm</A>. I get some great deals from them at times and it will give you a good comparrison on alot of items. Tell them I refered you and it may make a difference. Let me know what else I can do and Ill` do my best....Chat ya later--- Richard @ BEDAWEAR
  • 42itus42itus subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks again for taking the time to send the info.
    I met with the artist today and he loved my idea. I will have a working logo in about a week. I`ll keep in touch.
  • kevin7911kevin7911 subscriber Posts: 2
    Glad to see this good post, hope you can successfull.
    I am manufacturer of clothing, I will keep attention to this post.
    Good luck
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