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I know that there are plenty of "opportunities" out there, plenty of MLM`s and other things that just end up being a waste of time. Many people offer internships, partnerships, and all that, but usually require you to `help out` with money, or just simply ask you to pay for the opportunity.Because of a new project (writing a book), along with building a home, I have not had the time to continue working on my online businesses. I`ve been working on a few concepts for a number of years now, and really don`t want to see them go down the drain because of any inactivity. I am looking for someone dedicated, motivated, and ambitious that can help take these businesses to the next level. Anyone that is interested in running a business, working on sales, or just wants experience and guidance that you can translate into your project, please let me know. I require NO INVESTMENT of capital or funds. I`m NOT looking to take your money, just want some of your time.Our currently active projects include:A Clothing LineWeb Hosting serviceBusiness Consulting AgencyPublishing CompanyMarketing/Design,and others.More information and details are available for anyone that is interested. If you feel that you can successfully manage a company in any of those fields, or are interested in mentoring and learning more about what it takes, send  me a PM. I`ll get you my contact information, and we can work out times for an interview. The basis of the offer is a 30 day probationary period, followed by either a partnership or full relinquishment of the company (with satisfactory results). Everything will be legally documented, and so on. Anyone involved keeps a majority of earned capital, with the remainder going to covering the costs to run the business (hosting, outsourcing, etc). After I cull down the response results from this and other forums/websites, I will be interviewing 15 people. The 15 will be narrowed down to 5, and so on. Thanks again, guys, and hopefully we`ll be able to do business with each other soon!
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