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No experience?

paulypauly Posts: 1subscriber
edited January 2008 in Selecting a Business
   Hello all.  I am looking for some advice.
Currently, I am just out of college with a Finance degree from a respected university.  I got a good job out of school with a large financial services firm, but I have started to have an early life crisis (if you will) and am itching to start a business.  I have had a couple of ideas, but there is one that I am sold on.  It is perfect for the market, there is no true competition, and I`m passionate about it.  I want to open up a bar.  It`s not just any bar, and serving food and drinks actually wouldn`t be the only core revenue driver, but that`s an entirely different path I won`t go down right now.
I have no experience running a bar.  I`m 22 years old and have no money myself to invest in this.  How do I obtain financing and convince people I`m serious even though I have no experience starting a business, running a bar, or even 1 year in the real world?


  • dsprindledsprindle Posts: 2subscriber
    There is no better education than the school of experience. And there is a way to finance your tuition. Work for a successful business, in your case a bar, and learn as you earn. Invest the same as you did in your finance degree. The outcome will be more valuable than just theory.
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