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First gen site - looking for comments!

BrandThunderBrandThunder subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2007 in Website Critique
www.brandthunder.com for more detailsand some samples that will help you visualize the idea. Please contactme with any questions or for more detail.


  • BrandThunderBrandThunder subscriber Posts: 2
    Great questions Craig.. let me try to answer them..1)  The Firefox browser allows for customization.   Much like the concept of putting a new screen saver on your PC, or a new ring tone on your phone or your favorite team`s logo on your PC wallpaper the week before the big game, the Firefox browser is capable of being changed (in terms of colors, images, etc) and adding functionality (buttons that glow if you have new email). 2)  The themes (skins) do not require you to change bookmarks, tabs, default starting, etc.  When you install a new theme, ALL your settings and preferences are intact.  This is exactly as Firefox designed.  Also, downloading and using themes is VERY unobtrusive.. and it is pull technology.  You only download a theme if you want it. With the Firefox browser, you can have 100 themes in your system and switch themes depending on the day, your mood, whatever!3)  As I mentioned in my post intro, this is not a destination page.  The site is there to simply support my marketing and sales efforts. However, I will definitely take your comments into consideration as I look at ways to enhance the site.4)  The intended prospects are brands that have passionate fans.. examples include sports teams (thing European football clubs or NASCAR!), entertainment (music) or movies (Harry Potter series).  Many advertising campaigns include multiple components.. for instance, a campaign for a new movie may include subway posters, commercials, web ad-banners, a new website, email marketing, bus-stop signage..  this is just another channel to brand much like those.  I know I am passionate about my Ohio State Buckeyes - if I could skin my browser to show my affiliation, I would download it in a heartbeat.  Actually, the Manchester United football club actually SELLS wallpaper to their fans.Thanks again for your questions - opening this up on SuN has really helped me tweak my message and improve my offering.Keep it up!Patrick
  • BrandThunderBrandThunder subscriber Posts: 2
    Craig:  Regarding rights... I imagine anyone can create a Cubs skin.. but, for brand integrity and consistency, the Cubs would rather have an OFFICIAL skin.Brand Thunder contracts with the Cubs and that contract gives Brand Thunder the right to use their marks for the skin.
  • RichardBuggyRichardBuggy subscriber Posts: 4
    PatrickThe site seems clean. Interestingly, you`re creating themes for Firefox yet the page doesn`t work too well with Firefox 2. For some reason the background images on the main page are appearing below the text yet Firefox is treating it almost like they are on top of the text. The end result is that I can`t click on the "Samples" link in the middle of the main page (I also can`t highlight any of the text and it acts like I`m trying to drag the image)   Rich
  • BrandThunderBrandThunder subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the input Richard..  I went back and fixed the issue.I am using iWeb (Mac) to build the site and when I had images behind the text, it threw off the link.  You will notice text w/o images behind it can now be highlighted..  text over images isn`t text, it is truly an image (i think it is an iWeb thing).Please try again - i tested the page in mac firefox, safari and PC Firefox
  • RichardBuggyRichardBuggy subscriber Posts: 4
    I only checked the "Samples" link and it works fine. Thanks. - Rich
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Part 1.
    I love it.
    It`s great and exactly to my taste. [Whatever that`s worth!] The copywriting is super clean, easy to read, and yes, I immediately understood your product or service exactly: customer engagement. Very well done. It almost brings tears to my eyes. I would have written different copy, probably been a bit more focused on something like "Engage you customers with a free, customized web browser." but that`s me. You`ve done a great job.
    I assume the minimal jargon in the second paragraph will be understood by your audience? [ If not you should convert the jargon to plain English. ]
    Unsolicited comments. I really like your name "BrandThunder". It`s actually memorable and seems well thought out. I think this site should support your marketing activites, although it may require a bit of conceptual simplification, perhaps for less technical decision makers.
    It`s been a long time since I`ve seen something so well put together.
  • BrandThunderBrandThunder subscriber Posts: 2
    CookieMonster:Thanks for the post.. I will just getting down this AM about some slow movement on the sales end and your post jazzed me!  thanks!I have moved the site around again - not sure which section had the techno jargon (can you post the URL?) but I wanted to enhance the front page a bit.  Glad you like the name - I was going down the path of BrandStorm (brainstorm..hehe) but that was not available then took the word storm and played on that...Any additional input or suggestions is greatly appreciated!
  • f00sionf00sion subscriber Posts: 0
    I really like those skins, I didnt realize the level of customization that could be done with FireFox.  It is unfortunate that it is such a small percentage of the browser market.  I`m sure it would be easier to attract customers if it could work on all browsers.
  • BrandThunderBrandThunder subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the post!I agree , if we could theme IE7 , we would hit the bulk of the market but at this time, IE7 is not conducive to theming without getting deep into the code which would possibly impact integrity.The cool thing about Firefox is it skews towards a younger, male demographic.  My target customers (sports, music, entertainment) skews towards a younger demographic - and they tend to be tech savvy (texting, SMS) so I believe my targets will have around 20-30% penetration of FF users.PLUS, if you look overseas, like Germany.. they have 50% penetration of FF.  Thus my focus on European football teams..Keep the thoughts coming..please!  They really help me think through the issues.PJM
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