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Innovative new branding channel

BrandThunderBrandThunder subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2006 in Elevator Pitches
Hi everyone - here is my ititial pitch.. looking forward to comments / suggestions! If you get a chance, my website could you some critiquing too.. it is first gen. ps - I have inserted Cincinnati Bengals as a sample prospectmuch appreciated,Patrick
Good morning -Based on your innovative marketing efforts in the past (user submitted
videos), I`m writing to make the Cincinnati Bengals aware of another
innovative marketing
program designed to create a stronger and longer lasting connection
with your fans while leveraging and complimenting the investment you
have already made in your website.
Brand Thunder builds customized skins for web browsers.. which
simply means allowing your fans to "theme" their existing browser with
their favorite brands, like the Bengals! The custom themes would enable
Bengals fans to always be connected to their favorite team, opening a
new channel to communicate with your passionate audience and immersing
them in the brand... and the return on your investment is rather
amazing compared to other forms of traditional web advertising.
Some quick ideas for a Bengal`s themed browser would include
links to ticket sales, cheerleaders, the community, the Fan Zone,
merchandise sales...bottom line, a custom themed browser will keep your brand and your site in front
of your fans the entire time they are on the web, not just when they
visit your site, watch a game or see your banner ads.
Please check out our website at www.brandthunder.com
for more details and some samples that will help you visualize the
idea. I will follow up over the next week but in the interim, please
feel free to contact me with any questions or for more detail.
Thanks and Happy New Years!BrandThunder2006-12-29 12:19:23


  • BrandThunderBrandThunder subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the note ElidS.  Our first client should be launching this week (GoBigNetwork) - they are in the same space as LinkedIn.  My prospect list includes lots of sports and entertainment brands, especially the European Football clubs given the high penetration of FireFox overseas. Truly, any brand or site with a passionate audience is a prospect (hhmm, should I contact the SuN guys?)Your right - nothing overly proprietary in what I am doing.  I can hand someone the specs on how to build a skin BUT many brands do not want to get in that business.  There is lots of tech detail around the design, installation (MUST be one click for the end-user) and it requires a tight knowledge of Firefox and lastly, when Firefox updates, someone has to know how to incorporate changes/tweaks/etc.  We do have an innovative loader so its VERY simplistic to use our themes.. I may pursue IP on that some day.Regarding pricing..  I can design and deliver a theme for around $6500.. plus a subscription of $100/mth.  This will ensure the client`s theme is always updated with Firefox patches, performance enhancements and it gives the client opportunity to change images/colors/etc over time so the theme is always "fresh".Thanks again for the comments..  little things like that just energize me more!!good luck,Patrick
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