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Cubicle Job changing policies

artguy24artguy24 subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2010 in Office Workers
Hello, first post here. I am a Cube Farmer who is looking to expand beyond that eventually. At this point the plan is to do the business on the side while working the day job (both involve marketing).
Recently I have caught wind that the day job is planning to have employees sign non-competes and non-disclosures. Let me preface by saying I understand and agree with the overall principle behind these.
Where it is problematic for me at this point is that this restriction has not been in place and some of us are doing this on the side to make ends meet. It would make things difficult financially, not only for me but for others I know. I have had a few people suggest that this would open the door for negotiations, but I don't think this is realistic in our company.
I am aware of non-compete issues enough to know that my current employer can't prevent me from making a living in my field in our state.
Where I'm coming to all of you is advice on what my rights are before any of this takes place. My fear is that scary legal sounding terms will be tossed at us and some of them will not be legit. But most people will abide by them because they fear not having a job. Personally it feels like they've been burned by a few employees that have left to do things on their own and would like to make it seem scary to leave the company. But we won't get into all those split hairs.
I have thought about going into our HR dept and discussing it, because I don't want to sign something that could legally prevent me from going out on my own.
Thoughts, suggestions? If there's anything I can add feel free to ask. Thank you for your time.


  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    very good to hear. whether you want to disclose your side gig is a delicate matter, and depends on several factors such as non competes and how open minded your employer is or can be.
    i have written extensively about to disclose or not to disclose your side gigging endeavors at work, as well as the benefits your employer has to gain from your experiences outside work. unfortunately, many don't view it from the same perspective.
    anyway, congratulations and all the best
    welcome to the group
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